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  1. Övünç DİNÇ

    SAP PM - Preventive Maintenance

    Preventive Maintenance in an organization is used to avoid system breakdown and production breakdown. Using Preventive Maintenance, you can achieve various benefits in your organization. Preventive maintenance term is used to perform inspections, preventive maintenance and repairs. Maintenance...
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    SAP PM - Creating/Planning MO

    You can create, change, or display Maintenance Orders in SAP Plant Maintenance using SAP UI tool. You can use different T-Codes IW31, IW32, and IW33 to maintain Maintenance Orders in Plant Maintenance. Converting a Notification to Maintenance Order You can convert a notification into...
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    ENGLISH SAP PM - Equipment Master Record

    An equipment is known as an individual object in the system that is maintained independently. Equipment can be installed at different functional locations. You can create an individual equipment in an organization based on the object-based structure of a technical system. The use of an...
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    SAP PM - Technical Objects

    To effectively manage SAP Maintenance activities in an organization, you need to divide the existing maintenance structure into technical objects. Technical objects are used to define the machine types that exists in an organization and using the object characteristics, you can further define...