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    ENGLISH SAP SuccessFactors - Foundation

    SAP SuccessFactors Foundation deals with setting up SuccessFactors environment and configuring basic activities in Admin center. The key activities of Foundation include − Enabling, using and managing Action search Public profile Role-based permissions SuccessFactors home page and configure...
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    ENGLISH SAP SF - Compensation and Variable Pay

    Compensation, variable pay, and bonus are a part of Compensation management package in SuccessFactors and are available under same license. Compensation deals with fixed salary paid to the employees. Bonus and Variable calculations are based on the following three goals − Individual goals...
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    ENGLISH SAP SuccessFactors - Navigation

    How to Perform an Active Search in SuccessFactors? When you open SuccessFactors URL, you are prompted to enter user name, password and company Id. To perform an active search in SuccessFactors, follow the steps given below − Step 1 − Login to SuccessFactors, it opens the home screen of SAP...
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    ENGLISH SAP SuccessFactors - Recruiting

    In a company, talent acquisition is one of the most important process of HR to a business and hiring right people in the organization has a considerable impact on business performance. SAP SuccessFactors-Recruiting helps you source, engage, and hire the world’s best talent. SAP SuccessFactors...