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SAP PM Services Delivery Reports

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These tools will help you filter and find exactly what you are looking for, formatting the layout of the report and exporting the report to Excel .

Introduction This Job Aid is intended to assist users with the most commonly used Services Delivery reports in ECC. Included within these general reporting guidelines is a section on:
  • How to use the reporting filter criteria
  • How to add subtotal/total columns (where applicable)
  • How to order data within the report(s)
  • How to select /deselect the available reporting fields
  • How to filter and to export the data to excel for further manipulation The common reports reviewed within the document look to address the following areas:
  • Equipment o Based on plant, location, type, etc. o Equipment by business partner
  1. Services Orders
  2. Activity Types
  • Sales Orders
  • Materials and Prices
  • Notifications
  • Work Centers
  • Sub Orders

A more complete set of ECC reports supporting Services Delivery is given in Appendix A. This gives the report transaction code and a brief summary of the report. Note it does not go into detail as to how to run the report(s), but these follow the same principles as the guidance given in section 1 of this guide. Roles All SD roles have display access and can prepare the reports in this job aid Prerequisites Records have to be in the system to be able to produce reports on them


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