SAP BLOG 1SG(Consolidation) – How to add CT method ‘S0904’ and Consolidated Data Validation Method ‘SCD1’ if they are not in your system?

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22 Ara 2017
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Recently I am preparing a demo of 1SG in a Q-system. Due to the fact that 1SG firstly installed in my system before CE1811 release, I met a few errors which blocked the testing process. None of solution could be easily found.

Thus I would like to share my findings so save your effort if you are in a similar situation. i would keep updating this blog from time to time

i. Currency translation (CT) methods ‘S0904 ([email protected] Unit)’​

According to Help Portal – Consolidation Units – Create and Change (cloud), SAP pre-delivered currency translation (CT) methods S0904 ([email protected] Unit). It translates incoming units at a specific rate (exchange rate indicator J) maintained for incoming unit. This offers more flexibility to incoming units.

S0904 currency translation method was released in/after CE1811.

how could I use Currency translation (CT) methods ‘S0904’ if my system installed before CE1811?

Here is my solution.

If you would like to use this method, you could use SSCUI – 102661 “Define Currency Translation Methods” and create your CT method by copying CT method S0903 and change exch. rate indicator from A to J in sequence 011 and 031.

  1. Open SSCUI – 102661 “Define Currency Translation Methods” , select ‘S0903’ and click ‘CopyAs’
  2. Define-breakdown-categories-scaled.jpg
    In the new screen, input the Translation Method as ‘S904′ and click ‘Save
  3. Select this newly created translation method, and double click ‘Method Entries’
  4. Click the entry 011(Y-CT-BS-CLO-INC) and change the exchange rate from ‘A – Average’ to ‘J- Incoming during the year rate’. and Click ‘Save’
  5. Perform the same change for entry 031(Y-CT-BS-HIST-INC)

ii.Consolidated Data Validation Method – SCD1​

According to Define Validation Methods – help portal , SAP pre-delivered the validation methods SRD1 (Local Data Validation Method) and SCD1 (Consolidated Data Validation Method) that contain a set of predefined rules. These methods can’t be changed or deleted. ’

fact in my system is that, the validation method was activated in August, 2018 with one method SRD1. In Sep.2018, sap have delivered a new method SCD1. Thus i cannot find SCD1.

Here is my solution.

  1. download this attachment of latest validation methods file
  2. upload it with app “Import/Export Validation Settings“.


Import/Export Validation Settings​

Hope this could help you to save some time.

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