4 Ways You Can Use SuccessFactors to Motivate Your Employees

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22 Ara 2017
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Whether you’re running a business or a startup, you know just how important it is for your employees to stay motivated in the workplace. Not only do you lose money when your employees aren’t motivated, and time too–but it’s a sign that something’s not right in the office. When employees are motivated, enjoying their work and being part of a team, it means that you’re doing things right. If they don’t care? Then you may want to rethink how you’re running your office.

Fortunately, SuccessFactors makes it easier to motivate your employees. While there are some tried and true ways to motivate your employees—for example, bringing in a cake when there’s a birthday in the office—SuccessFactors simplifies other tasks that were once complicated, such as empowering employees with the ability to electronically track their progress.

Here’s how:

1 Improve communication

One of the biggest problems that exist in any office is how hard it is for employees to communicate with their superiors. No matter how often you may attempt to make your employees feel like they can be open with you, it can be difficult for them to be honest about problems that could risk them losing their position in your company. If you’re getting resignations without any reason why then it’s quite likely that there were problems in the office that no one felt comfortable talking about. And instead of fixing the problem, they decided to leave.

But with the leading technologies offering Human Capital Management (HCM), SAP SuccessFactors totally revolutionizes this process. The SAP SuccessFactors system allows people to participate in feedback programs, using SurveyRocks, an extension program that makes it easier for a company to send out employee surveys. Additionally, anyone can begin a dialogue in real time, which makes any process even more transparent.

2 Employees get to develop and feel empowered

Employee empowerment and development is also an important way to keep them motivated. Oftentimes—especially in a small business—it can be easy to want to make all the important decisions on your own. Whether you’re an online-based website builder or a renovation company, no matter how important your responsibilities as a business leader, you should consider sharing some of your responsibilities with your staff. They’ll feel involved, which will make them understand they’re important to your company.

With SuccessFactors, your employees will be able to keep track of their development over time—which means that they’ll understand how important they are on your team. By using the talent development system, they can provide employees with specific, personalized goals to meet throughout their time at the company. This is even better than an HR system because employees can ‘check off’ each goal as they move forward.

3 Reward hard work

Additionally, to accomplish their own personal goals, it’s important for your employees to accomplish the goals that you set out for them. Why? Because if you keep track of how hard they work, you’ll be able to reward them, which will additionally motivate them the next time they face a challenge, such as coming up with startup ideas. If the last time you challenged them, they got a three-day weekend in return, they’ll work twice as hard the next time around.

With SuccessFactors, you’ll more easily be able to keep track of your employees’ growth and hard work. SuccessFactors makes it possible for a company to track and gauge employees’ work, both negative and positive so that none of them feel underappreciated or overlooked. There’s also the extension JobPts offered by SuccessFactors, which rewards employees with instant digital rewards anytime they reach milestones on the job.

4 Employees get the right training

Another strategy for motivating your employees is providing them with the right training. Once a team of employees has reached a certain level, they’re going to need to learn more. Sometimes, employees may want training that you don’t even know they want—which is why, as stated earlier, it’s important to ensure that you’re open about communicating with them as much as possible.

Additionally, when it comes to being trained, it’s important for any employee—but especially for new hires. Otherwise, it can cause a great amount of frustration, and lead to general dissatisfaction in the workplace. And however much effort a company puts into training, it can take up a lot of time and money. With SuccessFactors, however, it’s possible to streamline training processes, which makes all employees happier within the company.

At the end of the day, knowing whether or not your employees are motivated is something you’ll be able to tell just by walking around the office. Where there’s good rapport, and people are happy to jump in on projects—even ones they may need training for—you’ll know that everyone feels like they want, and can, get the job done.

What’s great about SuccessFactors is that you’ll get even better at motivating your employees. And if there’s ever a situation when employee morale does go down, the SuccessFactors technology will make it possible for you to identify the cause of your problem, and solve it as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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