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22 Ara 2017
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The purpose of this blog is to explain the configuration, use & the changes done in S/4 HANA for action controls of planned order.


The functionality of action control of planned orders can be used to perform various actions on a planned order. The following list displays the actions contained in the SAP standard system:

  • explode BOM
  • explode BOM, check material availability
  • check material availability without BOM explosion
  • check material availability, explode BOM when necessary
  • reset the availability check
  • schedule planned order
  • change planned order
  • firm planned order
  • print component list

You can also use the function, “actions in the planned order” to define your own actions. The date and time of the last action is then recorded in the planned order.


(1) Action Keys:

In the SAP standard system, the following actions have been implemented:


You can create any custom action keys as well. Please ensure that these custom action keys start with ZZ*.

***To maintain action keys, use transaction OMIU


(2) Action Controls:

The action control is usually not setup in the system, please maintain all the relevant action controls.

***All relevant combinations can be maintained with transaction OMIV



As mentioned above, depending on the various action keys there are multiple actions which can be performed on the planned orders. Following is one such example to update the sequence number on the planned order. For this we will use the action key of CPOD.

With the action CPOD, you can change the following data of the planned order:

  • Order quantity, scrap quantity
  • Order start date, order finish date, opening date
  • Production version
  • Sequence number

Updating sequence number in planned order:

  • Use transaction MDAC to execute action controls. Enter planned order & press enter, the last action on the planned order is defaulted
  • Enter the new action (CPOD) & information to be updated (in this example we are updating the sequence number)



  • The sequence number is updated in the planned order


Changes in S/4 HANA :

As part of the simplification in S/4 HANA the action control which could have maintained at a material level(MRP4) has now been removed but the back-end database fields for these “omitted functionality” remains existing in the system. Refer Note 2224371.

You can still use this functionality with standard t-code MDAC or with standard function module MD_SET_ACTION_PLAF.

The function module can be used to develop various enhancements & reports to perform changes on multiple planned orders.

Relevant KBAs

2554116 – IMG activity ‘Action for Planned Order’ missing

601174 – MDAC: Action codes APCR and APCH do not exist

126600 – MDAC: Short dump: DYNPRO_MSG_IN_HELP

2224371 – Material Master: Impact on MRP functional fields in Tr. MM01/MM02/MM03

I would appreciate any suggestions or improvements to make this blog more productive.

Thanks, Ninad

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