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22 Ara 2017
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This Blog post highlights the configuration steps involved to include additional purchasing document (Purchase Order or Contract) as “Follow on document type” in SAP Fiori App “Manage RFQs” (F2049)

Release Info for example covered: SAP S/4HANA 1809OP


In General Information screen of SAP Fiori app “Manage RFQs”, SAP S/4HANA Customers can have requirement to add PO or Contract in the follow on doc type list, in addition of available document types


Cause :

By default, system proposes Purchase Order & Contract with Standard document type as Follow-On Document Type


Solution :

In below example, Lets assume in the drop down list its only Doc types MK- Quantity Contract & NB – Standard PO which are available for selection as follow on document for finalized quotation.Here, we’ll try to add Contract with Doc type WK- Value contract in the list

Please note, it’s also possible to add customized document type here e.g. ZWK or ZNB

Configuration Steps

Login to SAP GUI & Go to

SPRO >Material Management > Purchasing > Supplier quotation Process > Define Doc type for Quote

Select Type RQ- Internal Quotation then Click on Follow- on Document Categories on the left side of screen


In next screen,Select target document category K – Contract


A ) Select Doc Cat. K- Contracts & Click on Follow- Document Types on left side of screen

  1. System proposes next screen, where you will find available document type as default
  2. In order to add desired document type e.g. WK in our case, Click on “New Entry” then add value of WK.Save it & exit from the configuration screen


After making the configuration changes, Validate the changes on SAP Fiori side

Logon to SAP Fiori Launchpad- Run SAP Fiori App “Manage RFQs”

In General Information Screen, check the available document types under “Follow- On Document type” List


Newly added doc type WK can be found in the list



SAP S/4HANA On-Prem provides functionality to choose follow on document (PO or Contract) at the time of raising Request for price in SAP Fiori App “Manage RFQs” (F2049). This Blog illustrates typical business example where in its needed to add custom document as follow on document type under this SAP Fiori app

Additional Learning

See more details about SAP Fiori app “Manage RFQs” here :

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