Additional Plant Maintenance Functions

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8 Eki 2016
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Additional Plant Maintenance Functions

The following functions enable you to efficiently combine internal and external repair processes.

The refurbishment order and subcontracted repair process links the maintenance team of an organization with the supplies team. Typically, a planner from the supplies team ensures that required parts are available by creating an appropriate maintenance order and either getting the parts repaired in-house, or by a subcontractor, procuring a new part or getting a part on loan.

Because there are so many repair scenarios, you need to be able decide flexibly and spontaneously how the part should be repairedbased on the amount of damage the part has undergone. For example, sometimes, the initial inspection and check is performed by a technician internally, but once the evaluation is completed and if the defect is too extensive, the part may be sent externally for repair.

Note that the subcontracting process cannot take place within the refurbishment order because therefurbishment order does not allow the change of the reference object (material or serial number) after order release. Therefore after the subcontracting process, the refurbishment order expects the unchanged material and serial number.

Implementation Considerations
To use these additional Plant Maintenance functions, you must activate the following business functions:

Refurbishment and Subcontracting (LOG_EAM_ROTSUB)

Refurbishment and Subcontracting 2 (LOG_EAM_ROTSUB_2)

Serial Numbers in Purchasing (LOG_MM_SERNO)

It is only intended to activate these business functions together with one of the following:

Enterprise Extensions that are also released without any restrictions together with BFS DIMP (see SAP Note 933963)

A SAP Standard Core system (with no business function activated and no enterprise extension switched on)

Business function set MINING

If you activate business functions LOG_EAM_ROTSUB and LOG_EAM_ROTSUB_2, and import Support Packages for the software components SAP -APPL or EA-APPL, you must also import the ECC-DIMP Support Packages.

You can create and manage refurbishment orders and purchase requisitions for subcontracted repair.

You can procure subcontracted repair services from refurbishment orders.

You can combine internal and subcontracted (external) repair processes.

You can create purchase requisitions and refurbishment orders from the materials requirement planning (MRP) system with extra checks and with additional information, such as serial numbers or stock information.

You can make use of stock determination logic which updates stock types after/during the availability check in maintenance and service orders.

For more information, see:

Refurbishment Orders (PM) in the MRO Process

Subcontracting for MRO Processes

Stock Determination in PM/CS Orders

Creation of Refurbishment Orders or Purchase Requisitions from MRP

The following constraints must be taken into consideration. When using these functions activated by business functions Refurbishment and Subcontracting (LOG_EAM_ROTSUB) and Refurbishment and Subcontracting 2 (LOG_EAM_ROTSUB_2),the following functions NOT available:

Customer stock

Unplanned material exchange

Integration with MPN

Component Maintenance Cockpit

Rotable order code

Additional movement types covering special stock and additional requirements, such as two-step stock transfers can only be used in the refurbishment order.

If you want to use these functions, you must also activate the business functions:

A &D Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (AD_MRO_CI_1)

Material Exchange with ATP Check (AD_MRO_CI_2

Rotables/Sharing of Spare Parts, Subcontracting Improvements (AD_MRO_CI_3)