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22 Ara 2017
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This blog entry will help you if you are facing the error message “CHANGE_NOT_ALLOWED” while trying to logon to your Business Objects System using SAP authentication.


I upgraded a customer system to BIP 4.2 SP5 and after upgrade the login with SAP user wasn´t possible anymore. The following error message was displayed:


I checked the SAP authentication within CMC which was working fine. The RFC User was not locked and also able to import new BW roles to the Business Objects System.

So what is wrong?


With BIP 4.2 SP5 you are now able to directly change an expired password while logging on to the BI Launchpad.

Please refer to the following blog: SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform 4.2 SP5: What’s New in BI Platform | SAP Blogs

SAP BW Change password

We have an option to change BW password in CMC and BI Launch Pad, if the BW password is expired and requires change at next logon.

Consider BusinessObjects system is setup with SAP Authentication and SAP BW password for a given user is expired, in such a case user will have option to change password during next login from CMC and BI Launchpad.

Prior to BI 4.2 SP5, if the user tries to login it would get error message if the password is expired and they need to change BW password from somewhere else say from SAP GUI and then perform login on CMC or BI LAUNCHPAD with the updated password. With BI 4.2 SP5

User will get below option to change BW password, when the password is expired and user tries to login in BI Launchpad or CMC.



In our case the system RFC user had an initial password but was not allowed to change the password. After changing the password from initial to productive in the bw backend system the logon with SAP authentication was working again!

Check the “Password Status” with transaction “su01” in the backend system:


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