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22 Ara 2017
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This is the sequel of the blog Algorithm of Packing and Unpacking a Handling Unit: Part-I | SAP Blogs

In this blog, an attempt is made to understand the Packing and Unpacking a handling unit which are not assigned to any object, technically they are free HUS, non assigned handling unit. In my prequel, I have already explained how to de-assign a handling unit from outbound delivery in a handling unit managed warehouse.

Lets start the journey.

Packing a Handling unit:

  1. Th mandatory configuration for system to find handling unit requirement is that storage location should be HU managed. In my case it is HU+WM managed. Also when operations like packing and unpacking are performed, it is required to establish a connection between HU managed storage location and partner storage location.

In customizing of handling unit, it is required to connection Plant, HU managed storage location and partner storage location to be defined and HU required needs to be ticked.



In our case, 6000 is HU managed storage location and 6001 is the partner storage location.

Partner Storage Location for Stock Transfers:

As a general rule, in a storage location that is subject to handling unit management, to increase or decrease the stock of a handling unit by transferring stock, we need to define another storage location as a partner storage location. We will latter see how by packing and unpacking, the main material is moved to partner storage location and it is mandatory to maintain stock.

2) Run T code HU02. Mention the packaging material 7-1. (It is very important to connect packing material type to packaging material group in customizing else error gets triggered).


Press enter after this. A handling unit will be generated as shown


3) In the screen of HU02, mention the material to be packed, quantity source storage location and destination storage location


An error gets triggered meaning 6000 is an HU managed location and cannot be used. Hence, it is mandatory to Pack materials in Non HU managed storage location, that is technically Partner storage location.

4) So, lets flip the storage location. Select the HU line and lower material to be packed item and click in PACK button


5) Also it is mandatory to maintain the stock of material at the partner storage location, else it cannot be packed. I have highlighted the batch and storage location.


6) A material document will be generated and it can be seen that stock is moved from Partner storage location 6001 to HU managed storage location 6000 via 311 inventory movement type.


—>>So, it means the Handling unit which is a physical unit containing the (Packing material+ Main Material) is stationed at HU managed storage location which is 6000.


7) You can observe that system automatically determined the Storage types and Storage Bins automatically. Any idea how system calculated this?


Logic of Storage Type and Storage Bin Determination:

Sap says, the postings in WM will occur in the storage type and storage bin that were entered in transaction HU02. Otherwise, determination of the interim storage bin occurs via Customizing. This is valid for both the inventory at the HU-managed storage location and for the inventory at the partner storage location, if it is also managed in WM.

In our case, we haven’t mentioned the storage type and bins, so system determined it automatically. Lets understand how it is done.

In customizing of warehouse management, IM movement type connection with reference movement type, it can be seen that 311 IM movement type is assigned to 312 stock transfer movement type.


Going into WM movement type in customizing, it can be seen that 312 movement type is configured to determine 921 and predefined storage bin. This is how in HU02, storage types and Bins are determined if the fields are not populated


How 311 is triggered when we Pack Handling unit in HU02?

In customizing of handling unit, it can be seen that whenever we perform packing in HU02, 311 IM movement will be triggered.

And Unpacking is technically, transfer posting between storage location, again 311 IM mvt will be set.



Unpacking a Handling Unit:

Lets unpack the same handling unit 9000105282.

  1. Run t code HU02, mention the handling unit number


2) Check the HU02, before we unpack the HU.

The partial quantity is Zero


3) Now, unpack the HU and save it.

A material document will be generated and main material will be transferred to partner storage location 6001.


4) If we look into the status of handling unit, HU has been dissociated with the Main material it only contains packaging material and HU is without any inventory management.


5) The Handling unit is now Non assigned HU, free Hu which can be used for other outbound deliveries


6) Checking the material document of unpacking.

311 movement is triggered and stock is moved from HU managed to Partner storage location.


Hence the complete process ends here. I would wait for readers response if any corrections or improvement is required.

In my next blog, I will replicate a full PP WM interface of material staging Via Outbound delivery and the reason why Outbound delivery is used as picking document. Also I will highlight SAP Extended warehouse management interface with SAP PP, Advanced Production Integration. This is game changer in Small warehouses where Space is bottleneck and how Pallet by pallet material staging and consumption can be tracked via Production material request and Expected Goods receipt EGR in EWM.

Best Regards

Shailesh Mishra

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