SAP BLOG Announcement: Introducing SAP BW Bridge for Data Warehouse Cloud

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22 Ara 2017
Tepki puanı
A new option to (re-)use SAP BW assets and skills in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

We see a great traction of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud and continue to receive very positive feedback regarding our innovation in open connectivity, self-service features, and the SAP Data Marketplace. Approximately two years after the initial launch, Torsten Ammon shared a major announcement at today’s TechEd event: With our new feature “SAP BW Bridge” we will make SAP BW/4HANA-based functionality available as part of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud – run entirely in the public cloud.


With this feature we respond to customers’ desire to leverage the proven SAP BW-based functionality for data integration and staging – even including ABAP code – in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud. Thereby, we offer a solution for SAP BW customers looking to move to the public cloud while still leveraging their existing investment and skills in SAP BW and ABAP technologies.

The SAP BW Bridge allows customers to reuse their existing models, transformations, and customizations in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud to accelerate time-to-value and capitalize on the existing experience with SAP BW. Using the SAP BW Bridge, customers can connect with confidence to their SAP Business Suite applications with familiar tools while extending their data reach easily to new data sources – on-premises and in the cloud. Thereby, we offer a new way to innovate with cloud agility while transferring to the public cloud seamlessly and building on what exists today.

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