Assign Warehouse Number To Plant Storage Location

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8 Eki 2016
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In this step, the warehouse number is assigned to a combination of plant and storage location.

This is one of the highest level of integration between Inventory Management and Warehouse Number.
This assignment will allowed the System to know the storage locations in Materials Management controlled by the Warehouse Management system.

In your standard system, warehouse number 001 is assigned to storage location 0088 in plant 0001, you should always reference from it.

The IMG Path :

SPRO -> Enterprise Structure -> Assignment ->Logistic Execution -> Assign Warehouse Number to Plant/Storage Location

Transaction Code:

SPRO or SM30 (Table / View T320 / V_T320)

Known user problems:

When I create the delivery for a material,

I receive an error that "Material does not exist in the Warehouse".

I have assigned warehouse no. to Plant/Storage loc.

Where can I check the specific material availability in a Warehouse?

Check list:

You need to extend your material to warehouse number using MM01 and warehouse view.


Using LX02 transaction code you can check the material available stocks.

Material may not exist in that warehouse you can check it there too.

Deletion of warehouse assignment to Plant/Storage location

I have been asked to delete an assignment of a warehouse (WM) to a Plant/Storage location combination (SPRO->Enterprise Structure->Assignment->Logistics Execution->Assign warehouse number to plant/storage location).

That is alright, but what happens if there is stock at bin stock level at the warehouse when I delete the assignment? I am trying to pin down the consequences to this deletion.

Also, is it possible to reassign the warehouse to the plant/storage location without any problems?

I have tested it in the IMG and I did not have any problems in doing so, but I am not sure I have been looking at all possible issues/consequences.


Always make sure that anything with Warehouse Number assigned to it is clean before deleting warehouse assignment. Stock, Transfer Orders, Transfer requirements etc..

You can de-assign at any moment.

Deletion is only possible when not having any master data for the specific whs in the system; i.e. stocks but also bins and interim bins.