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22 Ara 2017
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Hi All,
Below are the couple of business processes, which can be set as the Automatic functions, for which system will perform these functions automatically. No need to perform that particular step/process, as a separate activity.

Automatic Release

Production Order Release can be automated during the Order Creation itself, which means, System will Release the Production Order, once the Production Order is created & saved.
T Code: OPKP >>>> Production Scheduling Profile


Automatic Print

Production Order Shop Floor Papers can be Printed Automatically, during the Release of the Production Order, this can be set at the Production Scheduling Profile Settings.
T Code: OPKP >>>> Production Scheduling Profile


Automatic Goods Issue

Goods Issue of the Components, can be automated during the Confirmation of the Production Order. No need to do the Goods issue separately. This Automatic Goods Issue functionality is referred as the Backflush. There are couple of ways, through which level, you can set the Backflush

  1. At the Component >>> Material Master level >>> MRP 2
  2. At the Work Centre Level >>>> Basic Data Tab >>> CR01
  3. Confirmation Parameters >>> T Code : OPK4




Automatic Goods Receipt

Goods Receipt of the Production Order Header Material can be automated, which means, during the Confirmation of the Production Order, the Header Material of the Produced Product, will get updated with the Goods Receipt automatically. No Need to perform again a separate step for the Goods Receipt of the Production Order. This can be set, with the below options available. Just make sure, not to have the duplicate setting

  1. Production Scheduling profile >>>> T Code : OPKP
  2. Control Key of the Production Order >>>> T Code : OP00



Note: All these Automatic functions are the out of the Box solutions/options provided by the Standard SAP, which can be mapped according to the Business requirement. But not the mandatory to set in every Business function/Process. It all depends on the Business requirement.

Please feel free to share all your comments/feedback/inputs, to make it as Most Useful one.

Thanks & Regards : Raja

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