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22 Ara 2017
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Hi Folks,

in this blog we will see how to determine the partner automatically for Quality notification. This technique can be used for PM/CS notification as well.

Step 1 – Create a Rule

Go to PFAC transaction and give some number/name to the rule


Step 2 – Set the data as per the screenshot below


Step 3 – Create a Container

Click on the 3rd tab Container and Click on create button.

The container acts as a filter to determine the Partner. Lets say we want a filter of notification type, Material, Person responsible

Proceed with same way as for Material and Person responsible. You can Refer the Standard Rule “”03100004″” for the ABAP Dictionary Reference.


Step 4 – Create Responsibility.

Click on the 4th tab and click on the create button as highlighted. The responsibility acts as a filter Values. The responsibility will only show the fields for values which are defined in the container.


Define the responsibility as shown in the below screenshot


You can create as much responsibility as you want, based on your requirement .

Step 5 – Assign Partner to the Responsibility

Select the Responsibility and click on the insert agent assignment button as highlighted in the below screenshot. For the demonstration purpose i have added the agent assignment as user and maintain the SAP user ID.

You can assign a WorkCenter, Job, Organization unit, Person, Position, User as a agent for the responsibility


Step 6 – Assign the rule to the notification type

Go to the following configuration path.

QCC0 > Quality management >> Quality notification >> Notification Creation >> Partner >> Define Partner Determination Procedure >> Assign Partner Function to notification type.


Step 7 – Click on Determine Partner button in the Quality notification.


The system assign the Partner automatically as soon the determine partner is pressed.

Step 8 -View the results.



Thus this Concept can be used for other Notification like PM/CS as well . This was just for demonstration purpose the functionality present in the Standard SAP . Hope this Blog will save the development.

Thanks and Regards,

Abhishek Parab.

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