ENGLISH Automatic Payment Program Configuration Steps SAP FI

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8 Eki 2016
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Automatic Payment Program (APP ) :- This training tutorials provides the Configuration steps involved in Automatic Outgoing Payment Program in SAP FI and handles a few unique scenarios. Automatic Payment Program payments used to both Vendor as well as the Customer.All company codes from different countries can not use same APP .

The Automatic Paymt Program in SAP FI is used to identify the due and overdue items and process a huge list of vendor invoices and customer invoices to make payments in a single time.

APP helps in fetching all the due and over due invoices for a wide range of Vendors and Customers and makes the payment possible before the net due Date which in turn earns a good reputation to the organisation

Automatic Payment Program Configuration Steps :-
The steps involved in the Configuration of Automatic Outgoing Payment-Program are
1. All Company Codes
2. Paying Company Codes
3. Payment methods in country
4. Payment methods in Company code
5. Bank Determination
6. House Bank


IMG Menu Path :- SPRO -> IMG -> Financial Accounting -> Accounts Receivables and Accounts Payable -> Business Transactions ->Outgoing Payments -> Automatic Outgoing Payments -> Payment Method/Bank Selection for Payment Program


Step 1 :- All Company Codes :-
select New Entries


Enter company code in the ‘company code’ field as well as in the ‘Paying company code’ field, check the two check pyt meth suppl. and Max. cash discounts box and click on save icon.


Step 2. Paying Company Codes:-
Select Paying Company Codes and click on ‘New Entries

1. Enter paying company code

2. Maintain the incoming or outgoing payments

3. No exchange rate postings are generated by APP when this you check this box

4. The invoices and the credit memos with the same reference can be settled with one payment if this option is selected

5. Bill of Exchange payment request, check/bill of exchange procedure can be used when it is checked.


Setting for the Bill of Exchange to be maintained when it is checked .


Step 3 :- Payment methods in country
Click position and select the Country ‘IN’ as the Company code currency is INR and the list of paymt methods available/permitted for the Country ‘IN’ will be displayed. we can Create new method if required.

Click on ‘New Entries’

1. Enter country’s name, select paymt method and update the description

2. Select paymt method for incoming or outgoing payments

3. select appropriate option in payment method classification and select the check box for ‘Allowed for personal payments’


Step 4 :- Payment methods in Company code :-
select ‘Paymt Methods in Company Code’ button, click on ‘New Entries’

1. Enter company code and select payment method C

2. Select ‘No optimization’ for Bank selection control

3. Update the minimum amount and maximum amount for Amount limits

4. Update F110_PRENUM_CHCK’. In the form data type ‘

5. Enter the details ‘Drawer on the form’ field and click on save


Step 5 :- Bank Determination
1. Select the Paying Company code AD06 and Click on Bank Accounts Button

2.Select ranking order and give the payment method ranking order for the company code

3. Click on New Entries Button and Enter the below values to create Bank Accounts


Step 6. House Bank
House Bank provides the information about the Bank through which the Company makes paymts to Vendors/Customers.

Click on New Entries button and update house bank key and house bank data information,
Now Select the House Bank and click on new entries and enter the Account ID and description ,Bank Account Number.