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22 Ara 2017
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In this blog we will discuss about automatic contract combination.

By standard every operation document is created as an individual SAP RAR contract. Later after the Contracts are created we can manually combine them into One RAR contract via Quick combine or Perform Contract combination.


But SAP has also given us the possibility to combine the contracts automatically when the RAI is processed.

In the previous blog I explained how to extend the standard ARL with more fields.

If we need to combine contracts using one of these custom fields or available standard fields we can use the BADI – “FARR_BADI_CONTRACT_COMBINATION”.

By default SAP is using the logic in the Class “CL_FARR_RAI2_BADI_IMPL”.

We can create our own implementation of the BADI for method “COMBINE_CONTRACT”.

The table “IT_RAW_POB” has the needed fields of the POB and we can use these to get the operational document details.

We can add the POB lines to existing contract which was already created with the same combination criteria. If the criteria fails then the system will create a new RAR contract.


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