SAP BLOG Basic integrated Inbound QI process using Embedded S4 HANA1610 EWM & Logistics Quality Management component

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22 Ara 2017
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I am trying to capture the delta settings required to process quality inspection using Logistics- QM during an GR process into S4HANA 1610 Embedded EWM managed storage location when compared to How to Guide available at

Basic Integrated Quality Inspection Process Using SAP Extended Warehouse Management and Quality Management in SAP ERP

  1. IOT 4: Q- Inspection Product/Batch Inbound delivery is only supported in 1610
  2. We can run Quality Inspection process using only Quality Management component of S4 Core
  3. Following configuration settings are not required
    1. Implementation of BAdi’s – QPLEXT_COMM_TEC & QIE_COMMUNICATION
    2. Defining an External QM system
    3. Defining Number range for IOT4
    4. Defining Indexes for Quality Inspection Engine Objects
    5. Defining of Code Groups & Decision codes for Usage decision in EWM config node
  4. Changes in the config settings
    1. Activating IOT 4 settings are changed. Please refer my other blog on this which give more details on this. Click here to access the same.
    2. Follow-on functions will have to assigned to respective Usage decisions under Quality Management -> Quality Inspection -> Inspection Lot Completion -> Maintain Catalogs for Usage Decisions -> Edit Selected Sets
    3. Earlier follow-up actions in step-2 were assinged in the same set of Follow-up action definition under customizing path Extended Warehouse Management -> Cross-Process Settings -> Quality Management -> Result -> Maintain Follow-up Action
    4. Definition of Inspection rules differs based on the Inspection setup origin setting choose in point-1. Please refer the same blog to define a generic rule, else we need to define a well defined rule which doesn’t to what we have in EWM 9.4
    5. Also BAdi /SCWM/EX_QFU_STOCK_ACTION should be activated


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