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22 Ara 2017
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Recently i was working with one Pharma client for issue on GL Account Data was missing data for certain no of General ledgers. General ledgers were fail to load from underline DSO to Infocube above.

There was incorrect Balance and P/L Data for combination of G/L entity Material and Material group.

Issue was isolated for current period 002.2019 . It was really impacting the Month end closing for customer and there were huge consequences.

There were various methods tried as follows

1.We tried selectively deleting the impacted G/L Entity combination based data for affected Materials and Material group. It fixed the issue for those combinations.

Unfortunately on same day other runs we observed some more variance for other combinations of G/L, entity and Material.

We decided this time to fix the issue once for all and thought of second plan mentioned below.

2. We created plan based on selectively delete the data from the Infocube for current period say 002.2019.

We performed the plan but at the end when we performed validations in BPC we observed that it impacted all the G/L for period 2 . There were major variance across all the G/L and entity combination for 0BALANCE key figure.

Just one part was ok that all the P/L data was correct.

We did further checks and our observations that when we loaded data in SAP BW with 002.2019 selection it only pulled data for Posting period (0FISCPER3) 2.

It did not pull any carry forward balance data for period 0 and period 1.

This caused lot of variance across in BPC planning data.

G/L AccountEntityFiscperFiscper3Balance In USD

I have created above table with test data to explain the situation.

We were expecting 3300 USD data for period 2 for GL Account 1234 and Entity AB.

Unfortunately it was just loading data as 2200 USD as per our selective plan.

It fail to upload data for Period 0 and 1. There was difference of 1100 USD.

To fix this issue we did another plan as mentioned in step 3 below.

3. To fix above issue and missing G/L Account data issue, finally we decided to selectively delete entire FY19 data and reload it again for FISCYEAR 2019 only.

Post this data load it brought data correctly in the Infocube for G/L Account 1234 as 3300 USD.

Fortunately we had correct data in DSO level. This helped us in feeding data correctly to downstream Infocubes.

As 0Balance key figure is tricky to correct due to Carryforward in nature, we really need to sit through correctly and plan carefully as i mentioned above in various steps.

Step 3 plan exactly fixed the issue and data in BPC/BW matched completely with SFIN data.

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