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22 Ara 2017
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The purpose of this blog post is to describe how to clear Vendor Account along with Customer Account .In Actual business process, there is possibility that same company can be our supplier as well as our customer also. In order Clear Vendor account along with Customer Account and vice versa , Standard SAP has provided solution for it.

So, let’s start, how this can we achieve in SAP Standard. Here I choose same company code in which Supplier and Customer are same. The clearing between the customer and vendor can happen by following the below settings,let’s start to change in Vendor Master

In S4/HANA , open T-code – BP ( Business Partner) . In this T-Code , system has provided facility that here we can define role for the business Partner. Select BP Role as Vendor FI Role .

Vendor Master

Select Vendor : General Data from General Data Tab, here you can assign Customer Code in Vendor data.


After this , you can choose Company Code Tab and click Vendor : Payment Transactions Tab. Here , set indicator ‘Clearing W.Customer’.

  • Customer Master

Now , the same way will open Customer FI Role from BP and assign Vendor code in Customer Role.


Now select Company Code Tab, and set indicator “Clearing with Vendor “.


Okay…Now we have done with Master Changes. Now let’s Perform the Payment and Receipt Transaction to see the effect in Vendor Clearing – FBL1N and Customer Clearing – FBL5N as well.

Let’s first Create Vendor Invoice in T-code FB60 .

Here Vendor Account , 70006802 has credited with Rs. 100000.


Now Create Customer Receipt Document in T-code FB70.


Here Customer Account 1005227 has Debited with Rs. 52500.

Now, Let’s check the Vendor Line Item – FBL1N and Customer Line Item to see the effect of Transactions,

Here , You need to select Customer Items check Box in Vendor Line Item and Vendor Item Check Box in Customer Line Item.


Here, System is showing Balance amount after reducing Credit Amount from customer Account.


So, This is a Standard SAP , which will clear Vendor Account along with Customer Account and vice versa.

Hope , you find this Blog post as informative for the beginners . Please share your comments .

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