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22 Ara 2017
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Depends on industry to industry business, we are using an additional output material as Co- product along with header material, for few industries the Co-product materials output might be fixed as per planning and there is no additional output of the business at the end of the production completion. However few industries Co- product material output will be more than the order or planned quantity.

One of my implementation project i was faced an issue in Co-product material good receipt quantity more than the planned quantity, when i was executed the process i am not able to do additional quantities goods receipt of the Co- product material, even though system is allowing me to do additional quantities of the header materials depends on the configurations and other master data settings.

I have gone through our forum regarding the Co-product material excess quantity goods receipt, unluckily i might not get the proper details about the Co- product scenario, few of our forum members posted the blogs about how to differentiate the Co- product and By- product and their process.

One of my friend helped me to maintain the exact hitting area, I am glad to explain that how to do “Co- product material excess quantity goods receipt” process clearly with simple data.

Steps to be follow:

  1. In BOM Display maintained the material the 120550 as a Co- product.


2. In BOM, the Co-material 120550 line item activated the Co-product check box.


3. In Production order display we can see the Co-product material 120550 with the required quantity of 2327- EA.


4. During goods receipt against the production order, I have not changed the quantities of the Co- product and processed with the same quantity 2327- EA.


5. While checking there is no error without changing the order quantity 2327- EA


6. I have changed the Co- product material 120550 quantity from 2327 EA into 2500 EA.


7. After increasing the order quantity of 2500 EA, while checking system is throwing the error message of the Co-product material order quantity exceeded by 173 EA.


8. Error message log.


9. In system messages configuration already maintained the message no M7022 as Warning only.


10. In Work scheduling view of the co-product material 120550 activated the unlimited check box.


11. After activated the unlimited check box in the material master of the work scheduling view, then system is allowing me to post with excess quantity than the order quantity.


12. Material document generated.


Please mention further details related Co- product scenario.



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