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22 Ara 2017
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The Combined Profitability Analysis delivered with S/4HANA (also available for some ERP ECC versions on EHP7 and EHP8) has not been documented very well so far. Searching for cPA or Combined Profitability Analysis on .com does not generate any hits. In general it is quite difficult to find in-depth information on cPA.

The cPA provides useful new funtionality:

  • Flexible assignment of valuation strategies
  • Flexible definition of parallel currency calculation
  • Flexible definition of parallel quantity update
  • Additional Virtual multiproviders with added information

The cPA combines “the best of both Worlds” from Costing Based and Account BAsed Profitability analysis

I have updated a step by step configuration guide as well as a posting example based on a standard Sale-from-stock flow. I Also added a list of useful SAP OSS notes on cPA. Please find the full guide on my blog with this link:

CO-PA news in S/4HANA: Combined Profitability Analysis

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