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22 Ara 2017
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Exchange process is common in Aerospace companies. In this case an airline operator can contact an assembly (also referred to ss LRU) manufacturer (“OEM”) and ask for a part to be sent them first typically with a fee and or core deposit. In this case an aircraft will not have a “hole”.

The part is received at operator and then the defective LRU is replaced and no hole exists in aircraft.

The defective unit “core” belongs to OEM. It should be returned to OEM. There are many ways to return it in SAP .

Use non-referenced delivery – typically a core label is attached.

Create core return PO

Create a repair order RO

RO is confusing when it comes to OEM. This will like the operator is sending own part for repair. In OEM side an tnternal WO and sales order are created. Part will be in repair. Meanwhile CAM will figure out this is his (OEM) hart. Now you need delete all SAP objects – notification, sales order and work order and create an internal notification and WO.

I noticed only 5% of customer documentation specifies the old and new serial number. The easiest eay is to write this on item text in SAP systems.

I noticed from one system the two serial numbers were populated already. I found out that it came from an IBM mainframe maintenance package called SCEPTRE. This closely resembles James Bond villain SPECTRE. This system populates TSN, TSO, CSN, CSO also.

Anyway SCEPTRE is a villain why SAP is not used in Maintenance or Engineering system in airlines in the US!

This week a major airline ditched their MM system and moved to SCEPTRE. History will not remember SAP sold 1000 systems. It will remember how 1 major airline ditched SAP and moved to green screen after 5 years!

Even worse is a paperwork from US Govt SAP project which spent $1 billion budget, does not produce a core return paperwork.

This is just showing the integration of processes and why printing correct paperwork in SAP or Legacy is important.

I this case from operator a PO is created. This documet is used by OEM to trigger MRO process. If the correct information is not provided, it causes confusion and rework on OEM side.

Consultants experienced in these processes is why they are worth more than the $70 all inclusive currently offered in the market.

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