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22 Ara 2017
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SAP S/4HANA Cloud provides SAP delivered Payment Medium Formats that are general or localized to a specific country. Even so, you may need to create a new customized Payment Medium Format. The purpose of this article is to explain two slightly different processes of creation.​


First of all, the user should create and define the mapping in application Map Payment Format Data as it is described in the article Create, Copy, Delete & Release in Map Payment Format Data or video guide Map Payment Format Data.

Here is a piece of best practices

  • The name of a newly defined mapping must start with a symbol slash (/).
  • It is recommended to have the equal name of Payment Medium Format and Format Mapping although there is an option to have multiple Payment Medium Formats matched with one Format Mapping.
Create New Entries

Log as BPC_expert user that is assigned to role SAP_BR_BPC_EXPERT. Enter into Fiori application Manage Your Solution and then in Application Area Finance chose Payment Medium Formats – Create Payment Medium Formats as it is demonstrated in the screenshot below. Follow as ‘Configure’.
Via ‘New Entries’ you are able to set up a new Payment Medium Format with the same name as for mapping. For example /BR_FEBRABAN_A_MYTEST1. All new created Payment Medium Format starts with the slash symbol (/) that will be added automatically.

You will need to finish your mapping in application Map Payment Format Data as a prerequisite. If not then check message will appear.


Create Copy As…

There is an identical process of login as in the description above.
The difference is that via Copy As.. you are able to assign Deviating Format Tree with a different name from new created Payment Medium Format. In some cases, there is a warning message about the parameter structure.
Then, you will be asked to copy dependent entries. It means for example Format Supplements.


In general, neither SAP delivered Payment Medium Formats nor new customized Payment Medium Formats cannot be deleted. There is only an option to delete mapping in Map Payment Format Data so Payment Medium Format will become obsolete.

Continue in reading with article Link Payment Medium Format to Payment Method.

Find out more details about creating Payment Medium Formats for SAP S/4HANA Cloud in the App Documentation.

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