SAP BLOG Error when resetting DataSource XXX_ATTR – XYZCLNT000 to the active version and Master Data Datasources are inactive after patch upgrade

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22 Ara 2017
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Brief description about the application, system, and device: Error when resetting DataSource XXX_ATTR XYZCLNT000 to the active version and Master Datasources are inactive when system is SAP BW on Oracle DB.

Issue: There is a load failure to a master data attribute, upon checking it has been found that the error occurs due to inactive datasource and this datasource has become inactive after patch upgrade in SAP BW.


You cannot use SAP standard program to activate this inactivate datasources, you will get below error while activating it.



You cannot import this datasource from Dev/Quality to Prod as TR import gets failed without any error log. Below is error screenshot while importing this datasource from Dev to Prod.


Solution: First of all, open the client with help of Basis team in Prod/Pre-Prod/Quality. Replicate the data source, then make some changes randomly in data source like check flag PSA in CHAR format, then activate.

Once activated, then revert back the changes and re-activate it, this will generate a PSA entry in RSTS table for that affected datasource and it will become active now. Thereafter trigger the data load.


Additional comments/information: This step does not have any impact on delta loads. Mostly, this error occurs for master data datasources when it has older dataflow like infososource.

Why this problem occurs: This error occurs when there is a patch upgrade and the datasource is having older version of dataflow mostly.

Out of scope: Installing business content datasource will not be feasible, it might miss delta records.


Whenever this error occurs, please open the client. Then activate the datasource. Not sure if there is any SAP note to correct this error.

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