Features and Benefits of SAP QM

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8 Eki 2016
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The QM application component fulfills the following tasks:
Materials Management
  • Manages quality information for materials, vendors and manufacturers
  • Releases vendors and manufacturers; Monitors their QM systems
  • Manages the release status of delivery relationships, for example model or series deliveries
  • Evaluates vendors on the basis of quality using quality scores from audits, goods receipt inspections, and problem notifications
  • Dispatches quality documents (quality agreements, technical delivery terms) when requests for quotations and purchase orders are received
  • Requests quality certificates and monitors their receipt
  • Triggers source inspections to be carried out at the vendor’s premises before the vendor is due to make a delivery
  • Triggers inspections for goods movements, for example, goods receipt
  • Blocks payments until inspection lots are accepted
  • Manages the inventory of goods during the inspection and takes the goods being inspected into account for materials planning purposes
  • Transfers inspection results to batch characteristic values
  • Carries out batch determination using characteristic values from quality inspections
  • Monitors the shelf-life of batches and the deadline for recurring inspections
  • Manages problems using quality notifications and processes complaints against the vendor
  • Integrates inspection planning and work scheduling
  • Handles inspection characteristics and setup characteristics for operations
  • Manages quality inspections for manufacturing orders
  • Handles in-process inspections during production at freely defined inspection points
  • Triggers final inspection upon goods receipt from production
  • Manages partial lots of a material during production that differ in quality and assigns partial lots to batches
  • Confirms quality and quantity information for manufacturing orders
  • Monitors production quality with the help of control charts and determines process capability scores
  • Manages problems in production using quality notifications and by processing corrective tasks
Sales & Distribution
  • Manages customer-related quality information
  • Triggers an inspection at shipping when the delivery is created
  • Creates quality certificates with the delivery
  • Manages problems in sales & distribution with the help of quality notifications and by processing customer complaints
  • Settles appraisal and nonconformity costs.