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22 Ara 2017
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With S4 HANA on premise version 1709 SAP has been bringing lots of innovations in Sourcing and procurement line of business. One of the most notable of them is Flexible workflow for Purchase requisition , Supplier invoice and Purchase order.

Note: This blog is created with S4 HANA On premise version 1709 FPS01 in mind, If SAP releases more features in further release then i will update this blog with more details.

What is it?

  1. Flexible workflow is a scenario based workflow which can have more than one start conditions
  2. Has a possibility of determining approvers through lot of different options
  3. Has an option to specify under which condition should the workflow step be triggered / applicable?
  4. It can be configured using a Fiori app and approval action can be taken from Fiori App
  5. Supports Fiori 2.0 push notifications
  6. Its an alternate to Release strategy
Features :

Flexible workflow scenario

You can create multiple flexible workflow scenarios for a procurement document instead of making one big complicated workflow


Pre conditions

For triggering workflow and for determining if a step in the workflow is applicable you can use these pre conditions


This is how conditions can be seen in SAP gui


Agent determination

For each workflow steps , you can specify how the approver determination should happen


This is how agent determination configuration is seen in SAP Gui


Exception handling

When the approver decides to reject a work item – you can define what should happen next


Supports push notifications

It supports push notifications which is Fiori 2.0 feature


Supports integration with Fiori My inbox

It supports integration with Fiori Myinbox app which is SAP ’s suggested inbox for all the workflow actions in S4 HANA


Pre requisites:

  1. Define scenarios – Follow this link and link for defining scenarios in SPRO node SAP NetWeaver –> SAP Gateway Service Enablement –> Content –> Task Gateway –> Task Gateway Service –> Scenario Definition
  2. Scenario activation in SPRO node Sap Netweaver -> Application Server->Business Management->Sap Business Workflow->Flexible Workflow->Scenario Activation.
  3. Follow OSS note 2441740 and Fiori App library links in references for needed gateway services configuration
  4. Activate Flexible workflow at document type level – For Purchase Order
  5. Activate Flexible workflow at document type level – For Purchase requisition:
  6. Configure decision buttons for my inbox at path : SAP NetWeaver-> SAP Gateway Service Enablement-> Content-> Workflow Settings-> Maintain Task Names & Decision Options
  7. Activate Fiori 2.0 Notifications at task and workflow level in tcode : SWF_PUSH_NOTIF1

How to configure it?

Follow the blog Flexible Workflow for Purchase Order and PO to Invoicing Process in S/4HANA Cloud

What can be improved?

  1. Possibility to edit an existing active version of Flexible workflow, instead of creating a copy of workflow scenario everytime.
  2. Provide step details in BADI MMPUR_WORKFLOW_AGENTS_V2 as an importing parameter so that for each step’s agent determination a new badi implementation can be written
  3. Provide an approval preview in Flexible workflow tab to see with which approver is the document waiting for approval – something like –
  4. Provide a transport mechanism for Flexible workflow, currently it has to be recreated in each environment
  5. Provide approval or rejection comments in the Header/ item text of the PR/PO document
  6. A consistent template between PO and PR flexible workflow template , same BADI , same agent determination criteria
  7. Apart from Fiori Myinbox app, Provide a way to approve PR/PO from SAP Gui tcode
  8. Provide a way to configure email notification and allow customer to maintain their own email template and email subject


Manage Workflow for Purchase Requisitions Fiori App library

Manage Workflows for Purchase Orders Fiori App library

Flexible workflow for purchase requisition

Manage workflow for purchase requisition

Flexible workflow for purchase order and po to invoicing process in s4hana cloud

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Happy learning!!!!

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