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22 Ara 2017
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Join the upcoming SAP Innovation Day for Partners on February 7, 2018. SAP partners will have the chance to get a glimpse into how leading-edge SAP technology can help transform your business. The objective of the innovation day is to enhance your knowledge, share FKOM announcements and help you drive future success to strengthen the partnership between you and SAP . We will have over 150 new videos available for you to consume on the day. This event is completely virtual.

Register : Existing partners can register with their s-user ID. Audience members may log in any time after 7am local time.

Learn more about Partner Innovation Day.


Watch this overview video to hear about the content areas in focus for the Innovation Day for Partners and save the date.


For our ISV partners, we have an Innovation Room specifically targeted to our “Build partners”. Check out the “Develop & Commercialize Apps“ room as these technology sessions are targeted specifically for “Build” Partners to help them deliver faster solutions to their customers. Listen to Diane Fanelli, Senior Vice President and General Manager, SAP Global Channels and Platform GTM, talk about the impetus behind purpose-driven innovation and why it matters so much in the digital era.

If your time is limited – here are some “don’t miss” sessions you’ll want to join.

Keynote presentations from Rodolpho Cardenuto (President Global Channels & General Business) and Cathy Daum (Senior Vice President Global Channels & General Business, Cloud Sales & Solutions)

SAP Cloud Platform

    • Find out how to get started with our open Platform as a Service

Cloud Foundry

    • Build next generation multi-cloud apps
      • Learn about building modern applications with technologies of your choice and delivering the applications in a multi-cloud environment using the Cloud Foundry environment of SAP Cloud Platform.

Data Hub

    • Accelerate and expand your big data flow
      • SAP Data Hub helps companies accelerate and expand the flow of data across the modern, diverse data landscape providing unprecedented data access and governance; creating powerful data flows; delivering maximizing existing data-processing investments. Learn why Data Hub is a critical component in Total Data Scenarios, bridging data integration without replication.


    • Check out the HANA sessions to Learn more about data insights, multi-modal and advanced analytics, spatial processing, text analytics, machine learning, and more

SAP Analytics

    • Enriching diverse analytics sessions that include Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning from SAP: What You Need to Know

Know more about how you can engage with us here.

Enjoy SAP Partner Innovation Day and definitely follow @SAPPartnerBuild to understand how you can develop, build and sell innovative applications for your customers.

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