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22 Ara 2017
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Source: SAP

The usual legal disclaimer applies; everything in the future is subject to change


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Run (SAP Cloud apps)

Win is Leonardo

“Innovate core processes to innovate” by going to the cloud

Use intelligent applications to automate

In a few years, 80% apps will be automated


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External market; business trends and technology trends

Global growth – increase globalization

Cost pressure to do “more with less”


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Train the machine to run on its own

Predictive and cognitive computing adding intelligence to the finance functions

Blockchain and connected value networks


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Focus in future to lessen the effort to “keep the lights on”

Part of the vision – employee logs into finance system, sees KPI’s important – system is leading


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1708 – 2017, August published

Above shows the current solution

See in the middle the “core finance areas” covered

New area is contract and lease management

Core finance is part of the optimized “order to cash” and invoice and payables management

Integrates with SAP Cloud Platform applications on the left shown above

Delivered on same code line as on-premise software

Benefits of universal journal


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Features of 1708

Contracts are in compliance with accounting standards

“reminder rules” to check the contract conditions, renewal options

Accelerate lease processes

Integration with SAP Analytics Cloud planning; in 1705 integration with embedded BPC

Subsidiary integration for central finance



Search in innovation discovery for more details on the innovations

1711 – cost controlling for IoT scenarios – extend data structures for cost object controlling to allow “greater insights” – cost to work center – improve production cost analysis – cost for each operation

Cost assignment to WBS, and link to supplier

Contract Accounting (FI-CA) – basic scenario for credit card payments only (no collection processes)

1802 – includes some plans for prediction accounting

1805 – budgeting – enter and report on universal journal


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Bank analysis and fees (1711)

Consolidation of plan data is already available in 1708


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Key connectivity innovations with SAP Cloud Platform

1708 – enabled credit card payment

1711- enable PayPal payments

1802/5 – IR/GR monitor to leverage machine learning, next step for “autonomous” enterprise


Source: SAP

Cloud has a quarterly release to customers

On premise is released once a year

Continuous innovation for autonomous ERP

Plan to deliver more self-service configuration UI’s

Q: What does the “Y” stand for in hybris?

A: hybris


A; cleared items planned for 1711

Open items planned for 1805

Q: Funds management/Public Sector?

A: non-Public sector customers can use 1711 – not yet planned for external roadmap – how to handle industries

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