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22 Ara 2017
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Fiori prototype for Plant maintenance processing screens that works on all devices.

This Fiori prototype is created to support ‘Building and Facility Maintenance’. This prototype was created using SAP ’ prototyping tool BUILD.


These are the main story lines in this prototype:

  1. Launch pad: Personalized for end-user <ECC equivalent: Favorite list>
  2. Work list: Actionable, searchable, one click away info for map, contact info <ECC equivalent: IW28/IW38>
  3. Order processing: Edit order, update work status, add part, time entry <ECC equivalent: IW32>
  4. New order creation: One screen and few clicks <ECC equivalent: IW21/IW31/IW51>
  5. Inventory list: Localized searchable list <ECC equivalent: MB52>
  6. Utilities reporting: Measurement reading entry and reporting <ECC equivalent: IK11/IK33>
  7. Purchase Requisitions: Quick entry <ECC equivalent: ME51N>
  8. KPI Reporting: Predefined one-click report
  9. Works on all screensizes

Link to the BUILD prototype.

Launch Prototype: Building and Facility Maintenance (Property Management) by Sapience Solutions.

Clone prototype: Gallery

Screen flow:


Seeing is believing:



Change Work Order:


Check out Build prototype for more working screens. – Link to Prototype

Why use SAP BUILD?

SAP BUILD is prototyping tool that can jump start Fiori development. This tool provides the following capability.

  1. Design interactive screens with Fiori design elements
  2. Create actionable screens that mimics real business process flow
  3. Create your own data for prototype that makes sense for your organization
  4. Users can validate this prototype before writing single line of code
  5. Gather feedback right on the screen and see ‘heatmap’ for user’s activity
  6. Download prototype that will generated XML code. This code can be directly imported into SAP WebIDE to jump start your Fiori development.

SAP came-up with great Fiori and design guideline. SAP also launched Fiori library to jump start development, but there are not many SAP PM (Plant maintenance) apps available for ECC customer if they are not on S/4 HANA.

This prototype can be adopted for your organization to start journey to improve user experience. Simply adopt this prototype in your BUILD account and start modifying fit your business requirements.

Points to consider while designing prototype:

  • User experience (UX) is much deeper than user interface (UI)
  • Fiori guidelines are great
  • Run simple, Run fasters, Run father

Hope this helps in improving user experience for your organization.

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