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8 Eki 2016
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SAP sisteminde uzun süre hareket (işlem) görmeyen malzeme listesinin oluşturulması yada raporlanması adına bir çok kurum özel raporlar oluşturmaktadır.
Peki SAP Sistemin kendi üzerinde kullanacağımız ekranlar yok mu?
Yavaş hareket eden ve işlem görmeyen malzemeler için aslında sistemde raporlama yada kayıtlara ulaşabileceğimiz ekranlar mevcut.
Gelin birlikte bu ekranların neler olduğuna bir göz atalım.

MC46 - INVCO: Analysis of Slow-moving Items MM - Inventory Controlling
MC50 - INVCO: Analysis of Dead Stock MM - Inventory Controlling





Bu ekranların yanında, OMJJüzerinden talebiniz doğrultsunda ek bir sonuç raporuda hazırlamanız mümkündür.

List of Non Moving Materials

Dead Stock MC50 looks at the stock level for a material over a period of time and identifies the lowest level that the material reached. That lowest level is the dead stock quantity as, in theory, that stock was not required. It works on the principle that in an ideal world scenario you would maintain zero stock sitting in the warehouse because you were able to plan such that every day you receive / produce the exact amount that you require to meet

all customer requirements with no surplus. An example would be that if you met all demand over a 3 month period and the stock level i that time never dropped below 500 then that would be the dead stock level as throughout the period you supposedly could have had 500 less stock and still met all requirements.

Slow Moving Stock MC46 simply counts the number of days since the last issue against each material - the more days the slower moving the stock.

Both the reports have value in that they can highlight problems which need addressing - such as excessive stock or unpopular lines - but the results they provide do need to be considered with a degree of caution...

Top-of-head examples could be that zero dead stock in MC50 is not an achievable target if there is daily demand and the warehouse works on a FIFO basis with a 2 day minimum to receive and then pick, and in MC46 materials that are very seasonal will obviously show unfavourably at other times of

the year.

In Simple Terms :

MC50: Based on you date range selected, The logic here is "No Consumption" below certain Stock Level.

MC46: Based on the date range selected, if there was no movements (Consumption), the system would classify them as Slow Movers.

Your selection criteria is VERY IMPORTANT, to review your results.

Documentation :

Try using this Menu Path: SAP R/3 Library --> Logistics --> Logistics
General --> Logistics Information System --> Document Evaluations -->
Dead/Slow Movers
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