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22 Ara 2017
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Hi Everyone,

The below document describes how to assign custom FIELDCATALOG for Search help QALSARC. This might be necessary when working with Quality management application.

Please be aware that this change would count as modification of the standard, but sometimes it can be useful, for example when displaying archived inspection lots.

Default value of the field catalog (SAP_QM_CONTROL1) can be changed to the value of your own defined field catalog in transaction SE11.

How to find your own field catalog?

  1. Call transaction SARJ.
  2. Enter your Archive Infostructure.
  3. Click ‘Display’ (F7).
  4. Field catalog for the Infostructure can be found on this screen.

If you know the name of the field catalog:

  1. Call transaction SE11.
  2. Enter QALSARC into Search help.
  3. Click on button ‘Change’.
  4. Replace the Default value ‘SAP_QM_CONTROL1’ of FIELDCATALOG to your own field catalog.
  5. Save your settings.

After this modification system will use the custom field catalog.

Have a nice day.

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