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22 Ara 2017
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in this blog post we will explain the mandatory knowledge to handle all authorization activity related to creating Fiori catalog and tile group

also assign both objects to the authorized user using PFCG

Blog content

  1. Create Fiori catalog
  2. Create new app for any transaction code
  3. Create custom Fiori group
  4. Assign the catalog to authorization role

Create Fiori catalog and group

you need to open Fiori designer

to access the Fiori designer you need to use transaction code : /N/UI2/FLPD_CONF or alternatively you can use the path as below format

http(s)://<HOST-NAME>:pORT/sap /bc/ui5_ui5/sap /arsrvc_upb_admn/main.html

then the below screen will open, you will enter your user name and password and login


here you will find all standard catalog and group defined by sap


in our blog post we will explain how to create a new catalog and group as per business requirement

click on create and insert the name and ID for the new catalog


when you click save you may face the below issue, to fix it you need to create a development request to save your changes on it and assign to the your session


after creating the development request go the setting and assign it


now if we tried to save the catalog again it will be save without issue

and after saving the catalog it will open directly as below


in the next step we will create a target mapping to add an application to this group

in this step you can create a target mapping for an exist application which is exist in SAP fiori library or you can create your own app

also you can create an application for any Z t code you have

in our example we will explain the second option to create a new app to T code : TK11

Create new app for any transaction code

click on target mapping and click on create target mapping


then fill the data as below

actually we get the sematic object, action and system alias from SAP Fiori library website for another app related to pricing condition app

in application type we inserted transaction and in tiles we writhed the name of the app

and in transaction we inserted the T code : TK11 which we need to access it from fiori platform

then click save


below screen shoot from SAP Fiori library website


after that we will create a tile details for this application as below

click on tiles then add new static tile



then insert the title details of the app and the same sematic object and action we use it earlier

then click save


then the application will appear in the main screen as below


now we will go to next step

Create Custom Fiori group

will choose group then click on add


insert your ID and description of the group

then click save


you will see that the group is created and ready to be used


click on add icon to insert the application we have added in the catalog earlier


in this step you can search for your catalog to get the application and insert it in the group


here you can see the application we just created in the catalog

you need to select it to be added in the group


in the main screen you will see the application appeared in our custom group


now we will go to GUI to add this group to authorization role to be able to use it

assign the catalog to authorization role

go to transaction code PFCG then create new Z role


then go to menu tab


then choose launch pad group


insert the group ID and continue


then we will do the same to add Fiori catalog


then go to authorization tab and change the authorization data


here you can edit the authorization as required

in my case i give a full authorization


click on generate and save


then get back to assign this role to user name


now we are ready to access the application we will go to Fiori apps

you can access it using T code : /n/ui2/flp

here you can see that you have a new group name : custom sales group with the application assigned ” create shipment condition ”


now the application is working fine with the full authorization as we did in PFCG



now you will be able to create a catalog, group, and assign it to the user to access it

if you have any questions let me know in the comment box

Thanks & Regards

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