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22 Ara 2017
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In this Blog we will show how we can get the Account Assignment (WBS & Network & Cost Center) for each item in the Service Entry Sheet .

We will use different tables to get the account assignment (ESSR – ESLL – ESKL – ESKN)

Service Entry Sheet Number is 1000000738

Use the Service Entry Sheet Number to get the Package Number

– Go to the ESSR Table and put the Entry Sheet Number 1000000738 in the LBLNI Field and Execute

Figure 1: You will find the Package number in PACKNO Field 9167

Figure 2: We will take the Package Number 9167 and go to the ESLL Table in PACKNO Field


Figure 3: Then we will take the value in the SUB_PACKNO Field and go back to the selection of ESLL Table and put the value that we has token from SUB_PACKNO Field to the PACKNO Field




Figure 4: Now we can see the Line of service item in the Service Entry Sheet then we will take the all value in the INTROW field 2 ، 3 and go to the ESKL Table


Figure 5: We will Put the value in the INTROW field 2 ، 3 and the Package Number 9168 in the PACKNO Field


Figure 6: After Execute we will copy all the Value of the Seq.No.Acc Assgt (ZEKKN) Field then go to the ESKN Table


Figure 7: We will put the value that we have token from ESKL – ZEKKN (1 ، 2) Into ESKN – ZEKKN and Service Entry Sheet Number into PECKNO and Execute


Figure 8: Now we can see all the Account Assignment Data for each Service item in the Service Entry Sheet

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