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SAP BLOG How to perform SUM of Characteristic values from lower level configuration

SAP Blog

Kayıtlı Üye
22 Ara 2017
Tepki puanı
While setting up your variant configuration model if you come across a need to count the value of a Characteristic which is used in multiple level of configuration so how to count it ?

We can use built-in function $SUM_PARTS and create an object dependency type procedure to perform this counting. It will produce a sum of the values of a characteristic, across several configurable materials in a configuration structure.

Answer is below.

Let’s build a very small example to make it clearer. Here configurable material PC have 3 more configurable sub-assemblies, so the requirement is to add all the weights of these assemblies and write final weight at top level. As sub-assemblies are configurable for every customer order configuration for these will be different and so do the weight.

Parameters to be maintained and changes we may need to carry out.

Characteristic weight is present in class of each configurable material which will hold value presenting weight of that sub-assembly

Same characteristic will be present in class for top level

Create a procedure with below syntax and assign to top level material (My-COMPUTER) we created.

Allocate a procedure with the following source code to the BOM item:



So, everything is set now, run your simulation and see the effect.


Please post your comments and please do not post question in comment section. If you have doubts or need more details , please open a new thread in forum and you will get a reply from me or other forum members.



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