How to run the transaction code VT01N?

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8 Eki 2016
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How to run the transaction code VT01N?
VT01N is the Transaction code for posting the Shipment document. It also created the Handling unit for which the material is packed in Containers or shippers.
Step 1.
Initial screen for VT01N, Transportation Point is your Plant from where the material is moving. Shipment Type is the selection of Type i.e. Individual (Single Shipment)
Step 2.
After that Click on Delivery tab so that you can select an particular delivery... or else the complete pending delivery gets selected if you directly entered into it. Select the range i.e., Plant, Sales Order or Delivery Number or any other selection.
Step 3.
Then after executing the same, System provide the Delivery document(s) below the Item Number. Select the delivery you required to create the Document and the click on Item Icon next to deliver tab.
Step 4.
Then Select the Forwarding agents name, then Tick the Planning Tab below. You can see the Shipment Route will flow automatically.
Step 5.
If required you can pack the material via Handling unit from the PACK Tab or simple go ahead with the other tab i.e. Check in, Loading Start, Loading End, Shipment Completion etc.
Then you can save the document & system will provide the document number.
You create a shipment document when the goods are relevant for delivery in the sales order. After you create a sales order, you create a delivery. The delivery must have a route in the transportation tab. Then you can club different deliveries in a shipment document. These are the bare minimum required for creation of a shipment document with one stage.
Procedure for creating shipment sequence goes as:
  • Shipping Processing and Analyses
  • Shipping activities.
  • Deliveries.
  • Picking and confirmation.
  • Packing.
  • Goods issue.
  • Collective processing.
  • Shipment.
  • Billing.
  • Sales Information System.
  • Standard analyses.
  • Backorder processing.
  • Sales and distribution documents.
  • Functional analyses.
  • Planning.
The full cycle using VT01N
Sales order - VA01
Delivery - VL01N
Transfer order - LT03
Transfer order confirmation - LT12
Shipment - VT01N
Shipment cost - VI01
Billing - VF01