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22 Ara 2017
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In this comprehensive and in-depth global Workshop, we’ll guide you through exciting updates and developments in your SAP Data Warehouse Cloud.

We’ve put together four consecutive no-fluff, stimulating, and hands-on sessions, in which you get to convince yourself of the power of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud!

Session 1: Manage your Spaces and Leverage Data Access Control – Register Here

We’ll kick the Workshop off with some great updates in Space Management and the Data Access Control feature. We’ll discover how to customize roles, share objects across Spaces, and discover the power of full flexibility and collaboration in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud.

Session 2: Create Connections and Master Data with Ease – Register Here

The second session takes you on a deep dive into the Connections, the Data Layer and topics around data replication and configuration. We’ll cover all aspects of the Data Layer, create connections to your SAP BW system, we’ll let you replicate remote sources and give you an exclusive preview of what’s to come in the very near future.

Session 3: Take your Data Models to Next Level with Business Builder – Register Here

The third session, then, will be all about the Business Layer. This radically new feature in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud will empower you to think about business modeling in entirely new ways! We’ll explain the concept of the Business Layer, start building a consumption model in the Business Builder and leverage the Data Preview feature.

Session 4: Dive Deep into Content Network and its Infinite Possibilities in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud – Register Here

We’ll round off this Workshop with an introduction and exploration of the Content Network feature in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud. Focusing on hybrid scenarios, we’ll learn about the first wave of partner data content that can easily be integrated into your SAP Data Warehouse Cloud!

We’re excited to welcome you to this action-packed 4–session digital hands-on Workshop!

Be sure to sign up now to get your seat for this exciting opportunity to optimize your own data warehousing experience by learning about SAP Data Warehouse Cloud!

If you want to submit questions in advance, simply comment them below!

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