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22 Ara 2017
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Dear All,

When We are Implementing SAP S/4HANA solution, We can migrate our master data and business data from SAP systems or non-SAP systems to SAP S/4HANA. By using SAP S/4HANA migration cockpit.

The SAP S/4HANA migration cockpit uses migration objects to identify and transfer the relevant data. A migration object describes how to migrate data for a specific business object to SAP S/4HANA. It contains information about the relevant source and target structures, as well as the relationships between these structures. It also contains mapping information for the relevant fields, as well as any rules used to convert values that are migrated from source fields to target fields. SAP provides predefined migration objects that you can use to transfer your data.

The Tool used to perform Migration is LTMC – (Legacy Transfer Migration Cockpit)

You can access the SAP S/4HANA migration cockpit by using transaction LTMC.

Note the following considerations when deciding on the most suitable approach for your project:

ConsiderationFilesStaging Tables
Size Limit200MB limit for SAP S/4HANA Migration Cockpit .*No Limit.
System ConsiderationsNone.Staging system uses an SAP HANA database.
Data ProvisioningEnter data manually in each Microsoft Excel XML file.Fill tables manually or by using preferred tools (for example SAP Agile Data Preparation).

* For on-premise systems, parameter icm/HTTP/max_request_size_KB controls the size of the http request. The value of this parameter is the maximum size (in KB) of an HTTP request. This parameter has the standard value 102400 kb (100MB) but can be changed if required. For more information, see

SAP Help Portal

Steps to Use LTMC

  1. Enter LTMC T.Code


2. LTMC Web page / Fiori App will get opened


3. Click on Create for Starting New Migration Project


4. Provide Project Title & Data Retention Time and hit Create

5. In the Search bar, we can look for an object which we want to use and upload data


6. Select Required Object and click open



It’s just an information and press ok


7. Click on Download Template so XML file will be downloaded


8. A pre-filled Template with detailed of each field and business is available


9. In Field, List Sheet will find each sheet which and all are mandatory based on that we will fill data and upload


10. In Basic Data Sheet highlighted column is mandatory and fill the remaining fields and sheets as per requirement.


11. In the last Sheet, “Maintenance Status Settings” Sheet will be activating which screens are required as per business.


12. Once the template is ready with all required data need to follow below Steps

A. Upload File

B. Activate

C. Start Transfer

D. Data Validate

E. Convert values

F. Simulate

G. Execute Import


13. Click Activate


14. Click Start Transfer


15. Data will get Transferred once its done Close button will get enabled


16. If any error or data is missing will get error hear if all data in templet is good we can proceed further

17. Click next


18. When we are executing for the first time particular object in a project we need to Map fields.


19. Click each line item and do Mapping of Values


20. Select Line Item and Click check once status turns in to Green Light click save so next time system will do the mapping automatically


21. Once all the mapping is completed and no open items click next to simulate Import


22. Similar to upload once its completed click close to proceeding further


23. Backed Program will execute and data gets simulated if any missing data of mandatory fields and fields Mapping is wrong

24. If any error go back and fix and repeat same if no error click Next


25. If all the steps are completed without any error will get above message then click finish.


Migration Status is now Finish

  1. Now Check whether Material is created or not

2. Go to Display Material Fiori App and Search with the Material Number which you created



3. Select required Fields


4. Material with all the fields got updated with Screens.

For uploading data without any error try with one material and will get a lot of errors when doing initially do trial and error so will get masters in LTMC.

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