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22 Ara 2017
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First of all, I hope you’re safe and healthy!

The recent pandemic of coronavirus has caused various legal changes for many governments, and Colombia has been also impacted.

To make sure all companies and natural persons are able to meet their legal obligations on time, the government of Colombia has extended the deadlines for submitting magnetic media reports to DIAN (Dirección de Impuestos y Aduanas Nacionales).

The announcement was done in Resolution 000027 of March 25, which comprises the reporting period of 2019.


For visually impaired readers: The picture shows a screenshot of a Twitter post by @DIANColombia, which announces that there are “New deadlines for meeting tax obligations”.

For more details, stay tuned to DIAN channels:

Website: Dirección de Impuestos y Aduanas Nacionales - DIAN | Twitter: @DIANColombia | LinkedIn: diancolombia

The new deadlines for reporting magnetic media in 2020 are the following:

For big contributors:

Last Digit of NITDate
0May 15, 2020
9May 18, 2020
8May 19, 2020
7May 20, 2020
6May 21, 2020
5May 22, 2020
4May 26, 2020
3May 27, 2020
2May 28, 2020
1May 29, 2020

For legal and natural persons:

Last Digits of NITDate
96 to 00June 01, 2020
91 to 95June 02, 2020
86 to 90June 03, 2020
81 to 85June 04, 2020
76 to 80June 05, 2020
71 to 75June 08, 2020
66 to 70June 09, 2020
61 to 65June 10, 2020
56 to 60June 11, 2020
51 to 55June 12, 2020
46 to 50June 16, 2020
41 to 45June 17, 2020
36 to 40June 18, 2020
31 to 35June 19, 2020
26 to 30June 23, 2020
21 to 25June 24, 2020
16 to 20June 25, 2020
11 to 15June 26, 2020
06 to 10June 30, 2020
01 to 05July 01, 2020

SAP is aware of these deadline changes as well as of the impact they might have for you. Thinking of that, we have prepared a few tips to help you in certain situations you may face when preparing magnetic media files:

1. This is the first time I’m reporting magnetic media with ACR and I have doubts about the solution. Whenever we deal with a new solution that we’re not used to, it’s natural that some questions may rise. At these times, it’s always good to have a manual to help in the process. Do you know magnetic media reports documentation? You can find it in SAP Help Portal, under Financial Accounting > Advanced Compliance Reporting for Colombia.

Just as this blogpost that you’re reading, there are also others here in SAP Community about magnetic media specific topics. You can find them by checking the posts published under the Advanced Compliance Reporting tag.

2. I have doubts about a certain system behavior. If you observe that your system is not behaving in the expected way, perhaps you may have adjustments to do in configuration settings or pending updates. We have an SAP Note with an extensive FAQ that might help you find the answer to your question. You can access it here: 2717885 – ACR – Magnetic Media: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Recommendations.

3. I have an issue in my system that I’m not able to solve and I need support from SAP. To get support from SAP , you should report an incident in SAP Support Portal, under the FI-LOC-FI-CO component – this is the specific component for financial reporting topics for Colombia.

SAP is ready to support you in the journey to stay compliant with DIAN magnetic media requirements in Colombia!

If you’re missing more information about magnetic media reports, you can also let us know in the comments below. We’ll do our best to reply you asap.

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