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22 Ara 2017
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Purpose: One of the main requirements to migrate master data is to set up migration relevancy rules for each master data object. I have implemented many projects, and everyone spends a considerable amount of time on this topic in every project. I have tried to consolidate the relevancy rules object-wise so that this effort can reduce your project implementation timeline. Use this as a template and modify the rules as necessary. do share any additional relevancy rules to make this blog post better.

The below table gives possible rules for migrating active suppliers.

DataCriteria to Migrate to SAPCriteria for not to migrate
Active Suppliers/Vendors
All suppliers/vendors whose system status such as Active/Approved AND have had an active transaction in the past N months

The transaction could be Purchase order date, invoice date, payment date, etc., depending on what is available in the legacy system.
No procurement since Past N month
All Vendor records created within N days of the date of conversion regardless of the system activity by the record created to ensure that we don’tNo Suppliers created beyond N days
Suppliers with some legal issues /quality issues.

Period N days is decided by the procurement unit of the company.

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Do provide your feedback to make this blog post an universal template.

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