Master handling Date/Time in E2E Fiori Scenario – Index

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22 Ara 2017
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Generally handle with Date/Time data is a common skill for all developers.

But when you starting to develop Fiori applications, it gets far more complex than you think.

In a typical Fiori development scenario, different technologies are involved, they are ABAP, OData, and SAPUI5. There will be more backend languages involved if you use SAP Cloud Platform or other backend technologies.

In this series blog, what I want to do are:

Point out possible questions about Date/Time data.

Give the answer based on S/4 HANA scenario by examples and reference to SAP ’s documents.( That means ABAP plays the backend role)

Help developer using other languages as the backend service to get the idea of how to figure out Date/Time problems in their own development scenario.

Blogs in this series planned ( with planned date ) are list below:

  1. Identity Requirements for Date/Time operation(Plan: 2018-1-13)
  2. How ABAP deal with Date/Time(Plan: 2018-1-20)
  3. Conversion of ABAP Date/Time type to OData Date/Time type(Plan:2018-1-27)
  4. How SAPUI5 deals with OData Date/Time(Plan:2018-2-3)
  5. How to handle the representation of Date/Time in SAPUI5(Plan:2018-2-10)
  6. Handling create request for entity with Date/Time fields(Plan:2018-2-17)
  7. Handling entity which has Date/Time key field(Plan:2018-2-24)
  8. Using Date/Time field as OData Query Option(Plan:2018-3-3)
  9. Dealing with Time Zone and Time Difference(Plan:2018-3-10)

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