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22 Ara 2017
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Source: Eventful People​

May 17-19 is the Mastering SAP Conference led by Eventful People. I attended two of their conferences last year (virtually, of course) and these conferences come to the closest, in my view, of being in person as possible.

Some highlights:


SAP ’s. Janet Salmon is the keynote on the Finance side. Janet has written many excellent books and always gives a great presentation. Finance team members will not want to miss this.


Another can’t miss is Paul Ovigele, who has been on the forefront of S/4HANA finance presentations.


SAP Mentor Tamas Szirtes will discuss RISE


SAP Mentor Chris Paine will discuss People Analytics.


Source: Eventful People​

Luke Marson, SuccessFactors expert and more, will cover migrating to the cloud. Luke has always helped me when I asked and knows how to explain and present.


Source: Eventful People​

ABAP is not dead…this is a very clever title from the great Thomas Jung.


Source: Eventful People​

Julien is leading the finance transformation at Google; no small task and I look forward to learning more.


Source: Eventful People​

Chris Kernaghan, SAP Mentor, always has a way of explaining things so you can understand. I’m sure it will be the same with this session.


Source: Eventful People​

Greg Capps, SAP Mentor, covers an often overlooked topic: S/4HANA security. I look forward to learning more from him.


Source: Eventful People​

Landscapes are a common question about S/4HANA, and I look forward to hearing more from the master, Tony de Thomasis, on this topic.


Source: Eventful People​

A great speaker as always, Graham will cover UI5 applications and how he deploys on-premise. Graham always gives excellent presentations.

A tag cloud of the sessions I highlight here:


Message from Dan Haynes, Eventful People:

Tickets for the Mastering SAP HR & Payroll, Financials, and Technologies Online conference are selling out fast! Ticket prices are increasing soon, so grab your tickets here to get the best deal for you and your team.

This is more than just an online conference; it’s where top SAP professionals from across the globe are coming together to focus on leadership, strategy & process optimisation for the SAP HR & Payroll, Financials and Technologies community.

You will have access to ALL the content from the 3-days of Mastering SAP Online. All our sessions are recorded so that we can share even more knowledge with you and your team post-event. You don’t have to worry about missing out!

There’s more – access and enjoy everything Mastering SAP Online has to offer, without the time and cost of travel. Plus, tickets are more affordable than ever before!

You can grab discounted, early bird tickets here before they sell out!

See you there? What did I miss? Wait, I know:


Photo by Ingo Hilgefort​

While I know I can’t visit brothers Floppy and Hunter (pictured above) in person, hopefully I will again, one day soon.

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