Material Specification QS61

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8 Eki 2016
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What is the purpose of material spec. QS61 master data in QM Module?

They allow the transfer of the batch class characteristic spec values to transfer from the assigned class and populate into the inspection plan. Without this, you must maintain the spec in the inspection plan. With this, you only need to maintain them in the class. Because many materials can be assigned to class, a lot of maintenance can be saved.

You also need this to transfer results from the inspection lot back to the class unless the indicator of "Batch results transfer without material spec" in plant config is selected on.

In simple terms:

It is an option to that of Inspection plan. Inspection plan is defined & created at plant level for the material. But Material specs are created for a material can be used for all the plants. This means it is created at client level. You can only use MIC in the materials specs. You cannot use DMR & Inspection points in material specs.
So it simply meant, once used material specs. for a material can be used at any plant.

Which T.code we can maintain the material specification?

QS61 Maintain material specification
QS62 Display material specification
QS63 Maintain material spec: Planning
QS64 Display material spec: For key date
QS65 Activate material specification
QS66 Plan activation of material spec.