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22 Ara 2017
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While creating Purchase Orders in MM, the Error of “No funds center entered/derived in item XXXXXX (Error Message: FI313)” and not fund center is derived automatically.

This error is given when a Derivation Rule for Funds Center is not defined to define this, Following Steps may be followed:

SPRO–> Financial Accounting (New) –> Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable –> Integration –> Funds Management (PSM-FM) –> Define FM Account Assignment Derivation (Execute)

Once Executed from the Dialog Structure select FM Derivation Strategies


In the Derivation Rules, define the entries against which derivation is to be set by clicking Change / Display Button, for example; if a fund center is to be selected against a GL, Fund Center is to be derived against a Plant etc


By maintaining the derivation rules, SAP will automatically select the predefined rule. For Example; in case Purchase order for inventory is being created the respective fund center against the cost center will automatically be selected.

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