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22 Ara 2017
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extract from the ‘Management Accounting’ learning journey​

Dear audience –

to help learners find the direct path to achieving specific knowledge in SAP ERP Finance, we created six role specific learning journeys. These are now visible on the SAP Help Portal (links see below) as well as on SAP Learning Hub.

These learning journeys are a very useful guidance for learners on SAP ERP who want to become fully (or partially) competent in one dedicated subarea of the Finance value map. For a more generic learner type, we serve with a specific learning journey: SAP ERP Finance – Project Team Onboarding. It is designed for newcomers to SAP Finance who want to onboard and get a profound overview knowledge, but at the same time want to cover SAP ERP Finance entirely.

  1. SAP ERP Finance – Implementing Financial Accounting
  2. SAP ERP Finance – Implementing Management Accounting
  3. SAP ERP Finance – Implementing Real Estate Management
  4. SAP ERP Finance – Implementing Receivables Management
  5. SAP ERP Finance – Implementing Treasury Management
  6. SAP ERP Finance – Project Team Onboarding – in publishing

By the way – please be aware that learning journeys (speaking for the area ‘Finance’) concentrate on the main standard courses* and also include links to the latest ‘Stay Current’ (Early Knowledge Transfer) learning maps, to external Learning Rooms and potentially OpenSAP courses. In contrast to this, SAP training and certification shop shows the entire list of existing standard courses*, and also local courses and workshops.

* and academies, eLearnings and eAcademies​

Please do not hesitate to get back to me with your questions.

Best regards,
Doris Lindauer
Product Knowledge Portfolio Owner LOB Finance
SAP Knowledge and Education

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