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SAP BLOG Opening Purchase order with a specific Item detail tab.

SAP Blog

Kayıtlı Üye
22 Ara 2017
Tepki puanı

Opening the purchase order on some event through coding has been discussed quite often, In this blog, I will explain how to open the purchase order with a specific tab at the item level.

Table ESDUS.

In order to achieve this , table ESDUS can be used.

Table Esdus​

This table contains the dynamic user settings for the MM Area for every user. In this particular business Scenario, table record marked above is relevant.

The value in the column Active is basically the item detail tab number which will be active when the PO is opened. Index number of the last active tab remains in this field. In order to find the index number of the tab which you want to set active, simply open any PO, open that tab and close the PO. Index of that tab will be saved in this field.

Code sample to set a particular tab active and open PO

On the event to open the PO, simply set a particular index for that record for the current user and open the PO using the function module ME_DISPLAY_PURCHASE_DOCUMENT.

 SELECT single * FROM esdus INTO @DATA(ls_esdus2) WHERE uname = @sy-uname AND action = 'PurchaseOrder' AND element = 'item_view SUBVIEW_INDEX'. IF ls_esdus2 IS NOT INITIAL. ls_esdus2-active = '18'. MODIFY esdus FROM ls_esdus2. ENDIF. CALL FUNCTION 'ME_DISPLAY_PURCHASE_DOCUMENT' EXPORTING i_ebeln = <data>-ebeln i_ebelp = <data>-ebelp EXCEPTIONS not_found = 1 no_authority = 2 invalid_call = 3 preview_not_possible = 4 OTHERS = 5. IF sy-subrc <> 0. MESSAGE 'Call Transaction not possible' TYPE 'I'. ENDIF.


This approach should be possible for other areas as well, if you are able to find out the user settings table for that area.

If there are any questions, please comment below.



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