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22 Ara 2017
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Sometimes, the amount of billing which come from vendor can be higher than it should be. In this case, you can enter the subsequent credit for it.

You can manage this process by two steps.

1) Entry Invoice

Firstly you can enter the invoice which come from vendor

2) Subsequent Credit

After the enter the invioce that come from vendor you can enter The Subsequent Credit for reduce the amount that entered in first step for reduce the amount that entered.

Business Scenario

Although the actual amount was 15000 TRY but vendor sent you an invoice of 15100 TRY.

1) Entry Invoice

As you see on the screnshot – 1 , the system charged account of price difference. It posted debit for 100 TRY.


Screenshot – 1

2) Subsequent Credit

For clearing the account of price difference and reduce amount the invoice , you can enter Subsequent Credit.

As you see on the screenshot – 2, System posted credit to account of the price difference.


Screenshot – 2

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