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22 Ara 2017
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A. Introduction

The purpose of this blog is to provide a detailed view of the Purchase Requisition’s (PR) end to end process flow along with screen shots of relevant Fiori app. This blog will help the SAP PTP Consultants in visualizing the end-to-end process flow of Purchase Requisition using Fiori apps.

In any organization procurement starts with the requirement identification and a Purchase Requisition is a document that contains a list of requirements which goes to purchasing department for further processing.

Key points to note about purchase requisition are as follows:

  • A purchase requisition is a request that is made to the purchasing organization to procure a certain list of materials and services.
  • A purchase requisition is an internal document and remain within the organization only.
  • A purchase requisition can be subjected to release/ approve as well.
  • A purchase requisition which is subjected to release than purchase order can be created after completion of approval process.
  • A purchase requisition can be created for the following procurement types.
    • Standard
    • Subcontracting
    • Consignment
    • Stock Transfer
    • Service
    • Third Party

B. Key Process Flow

  • Identification of the requirement
  • Create Purchase Requisition
  • Approve/ Reject Purchase Requisition (Optional)
  • Create follow-on documents (Contract, Purchase Order, etc.)


Purchase Requisition Process Flow​

C. Fiori App – Manage Purchase Requisitions – Professional (F2229)


Manage Purchase Requisition Fiori App​

User can use this app to create purchase requisitions in SAP S/4 HANA. Below are the key features of this app.

  • Create a purchase requisitions
  • Search for an existing purchase requisitions
  • Display a list of already existing purchase requisitions
  • Copy an existing purchase requisition and modify it according to the requirement
  • Assign source of supply in the purchase requisitions
  • View the status of purchase requisitions
  • View the approval details
  • Display the History of the purchase requisitions to keep track of the document changes.
  • Create, edit and display additional information to procurement team in the form of texts in the Notes.
  • Display the process flow to see the steps that were already performed in the procurement process.

Material Purchase Requisition

1. Click on Create option to create purchase requisition.


2. Click on Create (Material) option to add purchase requisition item.


3. Provide following details in General Information section of Item data.


4. Provide following details in Quantity and Date section of Item data.


5. Provide following details in Valuation section of Item data


6. Provide following details in Contact Information section of Item data.


7. Provide following details in Notes section of Item data.


8. After providing all the details click on Apply button in Item data.


9. After clicking on Apply button click on Create button to create the purchase requisition.


10. After clicking on create button purchase requisition will be created and number generated.


11. Processor details can be seen in the Approval Details section as highlighted.


12. Open My Inbox (Expert Mode) Fiori app to release the purchase requisition.


13. Select respective purchase requisition and click on Approve to release the same.


14. After approval purchase requisition status will be changed to Approved.


Reference LinkSAP Best Practices Explorer

D. Conclusion:

This article will make it easier for consultant who are looking for the understanding and visualization of end to end Purchase Requisition process via Fiori apps.

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