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22 Ara 2017
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Purchasing document adjustment functionality helps to re-price the purchase order, whenever its corresponding valid source condition records gets updated. Valid source includes Info records, Purchasing contracts or other independent condition records. This article will explain key activities related to the new process implementation of purchasing document adjustment.

Sources of Purchasing:

Business normally uses Info records or purchasing contracts to maintain agreed prices with vendors apart from individual condition records based on vendors.


Price update for open purchase orders – Lots of manual activity, Such as extract open PO’s and update price for each purchase orders manually using purchase order change transaction codes

Purchasing Document Adjustment:

SAP has provided a standard transaction code MEI1 to update latest price from Info record or Contract. A set of prerequisite configuration (of course it needs Authorization too) is required to make use of this transaction code. Otherwise user will end up getting the following error



Key configuration:

IMG > Materials Management > Purchasing > Conditions > Automatic Document Adjustment > Direct Entry for Creating Worklist > Activation of the Direct Entry for Creating the Worklist


Set Direct entry indicator for the Purchase order document category (01) by using Program “RMEBEMIG” before completing activation of the Direct Entry worklist configuration.


IMG > Materials Management > Purchasing > Conditions > Automatic Document Adjustment > Control Document Adjustment > Control Purchasing Document Adjustment


The priority for the source for the price change:

1.) Contract

2.) Info record

Optional Configuration:

IMG > Materials Management > Purchasing > Conditions > Automatic Document Adjustment > Activate Change Pointer for Message Category CONDBI


Process to update Price for Open Purchase order:

Open purchase order is the one which does not have goods receipt posted. Transaction MEI1 will pick the list open purchase orders whenever its corresponding valid info record or contract price gets changed.

The following activities needs to be completed before executing MEI1.


Set “Doc. Index active”


Select “Price date Category” (Mandatory, other than PO creation date)


MEI3 – Recompilation of document index



With this, entries for the open purchase orders will be updated to the index table.


Two Step Control Process:

With this process, first worklist will be created for the price change before processing the transaction MEI1. Note, Direct entry indicator for the Purchase order document category (01) needs to be deactivated by using Program “RMEBEMIG”.


This article explained configuration settings and process steps required to process open purchase orders for price update from Contract/Info record. In case of any queries and clarifications requesting the aspirant consultants to contact the author without any hesitation.


Mohamed Hasan Rifaie M, a Lead SAP consultant, an employee of Larsen & Toubro Infotech Ltd (LTI). He has overall 18 years of experience, out of which around 12 years in SAP Consulting (P2P, Ariba Integration, SRM, SCM & WM) and exposure in to Utilities, Media, Food/Chemical, Pharma industries. He has business experience in various industries like Manufacturing, Electro mechanical Construction and Process industries as a Procurement Executive.

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