SAP BLOG QM Open Notice – #9 – CA-AUD: BAPI, BAdI in Audit Management area

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22 Ara 2017
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QM Open Notice​

QM Open Notice is a blog post series about topics, which can be useful when working with Quality Management.


Current blog post is a collection of PLM Audit Management BAPIs and BAdIs.
Extract from a system with product version: SAP S/4HANA 2020.

In detail​

BAPI | Business Application Programming Interface | Remote-Enabled Module:

Function group PLM_BUS20300 – BAPIs:

BAPI_BUS20300_CHANGEAuditmanagement – Ändern Auditplan
BAPI_BUS20300_CREATE Auditmanagement – Anlegen Auditplan
BAPI_BUS20300_DELETE Auditmanagement – Löschen Auditplan
BAPI_BUS20300_EXISTENCE_CHECK Auditmanagement – Prüfung Existenz eines Auditplans
BAPI_BUS20300_GET_DETAIL Auditmanagement – Lesen Auditplan

Function group PLM_BUS20310 – BAPIs:

BAPI_BUS20310_CHANGEÄndern Fragenliste
BAPI_BUS20310_CREATEAnlegen Fragenliste
BAPI_BUS20310_DELETELöschen Fragenliste
BAPI_BUS20310_EXISTENCE_CHECKAuditmanagement – Prüfung Existenz einer Fragenliste
BAPI_BUS20310_GET_DETAILLesen Fragenliste

Function group PLM_BUS2031010 – BAPIs:

BAPI_BUS2031010_CHANGEÄndern Fragenlistenposition
BAPI_BUS2031010_CREATEAnlegen Fragenlistenposition
BAPI_BUS2031010_DELETELöschen Fragenlistenposition
BAPI_BUS2031010_EXISTENCE_CHCKPrüfung Existenz einer Fragenlistenposition
BAPI_BUS2031010_GET_DETAILLesen Fragenlistenposition (Detail)

Function group PLM_BUS20350 – BAPIs:

BAPI_BUS20350_CHANGEAuditmanagement – Ändern Audit
BAPI_BUS20350_CREATEAuditmanagement – Anlegen Audit
BAPI_BUS20350_DELETEAuditmanagement – Löschen Audit
BAPI_BUS20350_EXISTENCE_CHECKAuditmanagement – Prüfung Existenz eines Audits
BAPI_BUS20350_GET_DETAILAuditmanagement – Lesen Audit

Function group PLM_BUS20360 – BAPIs:

BAPI_BUS20360_CHANGEAuditmanagement – Ändern Auditfrage/Antwort
BAPI_BUS20360_CREATEAuditmanagement – Anlegen Auditfrage
BAPI_BUS20360_DELETEAuditmanagement – Löschen Auditfrage
BAPI_BUS20360_EXISTENCE_CHECKAuditmanagement – Prüfung Existenz einer Auditfrage
BAPI_BUS20360_GET_DETAILAuditmanagement – Lesen Auditfrage
BAPI_BUS20360_IMPORT_DELTAAuditmanagement – Auditfrage rückmelden

Function group PLM_BUS20370 – BAPIs:

BAPI_BUS20370_CHANGEAuditmanagement – Ändern Auditkorrekturmaßnahme
BAPI_BUS20370_CREATEAuditmanagement – Anlegen Auditkorrekturmaßnahme
BAPI_BUS20370_DELETEAuditmanagement – Löschen Auditkorrekturmaßnahme
BAPI_BUS20370_EXISTENCE_CHECKAuditmanagement – Prüfung Existenz einer Korrektur-/Vorbeugungsmaßnahme
BAPI_BUS20370_GET_DETAILAuditmanagement – Lesen Auditkorrekturmaßnahme


BAdI | Business Add-In:

Package PLM_AUDIT – Classic BAdI Definitions:

PLM_AUDIT_ACT_LINK Audit: Linkage of Objects with the Corrective Action
PLM_AUDIT_AUO_UPDATEPLM Audit Management: Create, Change, and Delete Audit
PLM_AUDIT_AUP_UPDATE PLM Audit Management: Create, Change, and Delete Audit Plan
PLM_AUDIT_CALCULATECalculation/Valuation of an Audit
PLM_AUDIT_COR_UPDATEPLM Audit Management: Create, Change, and Delete Action
PLM_AUDIT_LAST_GETFlexibilization of “Display Last Associated Audit”
PLM_AUDIT_OBJECTPLM Audit Management: Audit Object Enhancements
PLM_AUDIT_QUEST_COPYAssignment of Question Lists to Audit
PLM_AUDIT_SAP_BWBW Connection for Audit Management
PLM_AUDIT_SIGNATUREProvide Signature for Audit
BADI_PLM_AUD_AUDIT_ROLESBAdI: Enhancements to Roles in Investigations
BADI_PLM_AUD_ROLES_RSTRBAdI: Restriction of Partner Roles for Audit Components
BADI_PLM_AUDIT_ACTION_TYPEDefinition of Action Types
BADI_PLM_AUDIT_ALVChanges to ALV Table in Audit Management
BADI_PLM_AUDIT_LIITEM_SERVICEEnhancements to List Items Services
BADI_PLM_AUDIT_LIST_ITEM_TYPESDefinition of List Item Types in Investigations (Audit, FMEA,…)
BADI_PLM_AUDIT_STRUCTUREStructural View for Investigations (Audit, FMEA,…)
BADI_PLM_AUDIT_TYPEContext Menu Extension
BADI_PLM_AUO_CUSTOM_FIELDSCustomer-Defined Fields for Audit
BADI_PLM_AUP_CUSTOM_FIELDSCustomer-Defined Fields for Audit Plan
BADI_PLM_COR_CUSTOM_FIELDSCustomer-Defined Fields for Corrective Action/Preventive Action
BADI_PLM_QUN_CUSTOM_FIELDSCustomer-Defined Fields for Question List

Package PLM_AUDIT_ARCH – Classic BAdI Definitions:

ARC_PLM_AUD_CHECK Archiving Object PLM_AUD: Checks for Add-On-Specific Data
ARC_PLM_AUD_WRITE Archiving Object PLM_AUD: Archiving of Add-On-Specific Data
ARC_PLM_QUM_CHECK Archiving Object PLM_QUM: Checks for Add-On-Specific Data
ARC_PLM_QUM_WRITE Archiving Object PLM_QUM: Archiving of Add-On-Specific Data
PLM_AUDIT_EOP_CHECK_ARC_BP Prüfung auf Ende des Verwendungszw.: Business Partner

Package PLM_AUDIT_CORE – Classic BAdI Definitions:

PLM_AUDIT_APPEARANCEPLM Audit Management: Determine Display of Audit Components
PLM_AUDIT_ATTRIBUTESPLM Audit Management: Process Attributes of Audit Components
PLM_AUDIT_AUTH_CHECK Activities in Audit Processing
PLM_AUDIT_BATCH_JOBS Scheduling of Background Jobs
PLM_AUDIT_GOSPLM Audit Management:Generic Object Services – Audit Comps
PLM_AUDIT_HELP_LINKS PLM Audit Management: Enhancement for Maint. of Help Links
PLM_AUDIT_IDENTIFIER Identification of Objects in Audit Management, FMEA,…
PLM_AUDIT_SAP_DOC Encapsulation of the Document Link to Audit Management
BADI_PLM_AUDIT_DS BAdI for Digital Signature
BADI_PLM_AUDIT_OPTIONS Benutzerparameter für Audit-Anwendungen
PLM_AUDIT_SAP_TXT Detach Long Text Management
PLM_AUDIT_TEXT_ID Definition of Text Types Per Audit Comp.

Package PLM_AUDIT_QUEST – Classic BAdI Definitions:

PLM_AUDIT_QUEST_CONT Controlling Procedure for Audit Questions
PLM_AUDIT_QUN_UPDATE PLM Audit Management:Create, Change, and Delete Quest. List
PLM_AUDIT_SEARCHHELP Enhancement for Search Helps

Package PLM_AUDIT_STATUS – Classic BAdI Definitions:

PLM_AUDIT_STATUSPLM Audit Management: Audit Component Status Management

Package PLM_AUDIT_WEB – Classic BAdI Definitions:


Known problem & solution​

KBA 2179955 – Add customer-defined field to screen in PLMD_AUDIT transaction

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