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22 Ara 2017
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S/4 HANA embedded EWM 2020 has come up with a game changer solution which many of the customers might have used enhancement/ Badi to release partial stock of HU assigned for one Manufacturing( Production or Process) order to another user.

This functionality allows.

  • Manually release a partial quantity of the stock, if a full pallet(HU) of stock is staged to the PSA but only partial quantity of this HU is needed than the full quantity for that PMR( Technical replica of manufacturing order in EWM). Generally when whole HU is staged to PSA and it is required to divert some of stock to another manufacturing order, whole HU is locked for Single Order staging.

This method allows you to stage products for a specific PMR, or for a PMR that has special characteristics. For example, you could stage products from a special batch for one PMR.


Actually this is part of Customer connection program and can be used in 1709 Embedded version and 9.5 Decentral via SAP note Implementtaion-2890364 – Release Partial Quantity of Single Order Staged stock. However, in S/4 HANA 2020 Embedded, it is a native functionality.

Prior to release of this functionality, whole HU was locked and it was allowed to release the reference of PMR.


In Embedded HANA EWM 2020, Partial quantity of HU is allowed to be diverted for other manufacturing order from Fiori App in Stage for Production & Clear from PSA.




Technical Aspect:

The implementation of the interface /SCWM/IF_API_MFG_STAGE, the class /SCWM/CL_MFG_STP_REVERSE and the EWM applications “Staging for production” and “Clear Production Supply Area” are enhanced so that partial quantities of the reserved single order staged stock can be released


This functionality is only available for non-serialized products in the EWM applications “Staging for production” and “Clear Production Supply Area” because no serial number selection is available there. I know some of customers using serialized components in staging will be disappointed from this as there is no standard way to unlocking HU in this case.

Hope this will help many customers around the globe using API in manufacturing. In future, I would more write on Manufacturing EWM interface like JIT Stock transfer, Tugger Train with Distribution equipment, Repetitive manufacturing integration to EWM. Stay connected:)

Any suggestions to improve this blog will be highly valued.


Shailesh Mishra

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